Who canyon fishes thier 2520 DV Pilothouse??

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Feb 21, 2006
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I am trying to find a boat that I can take offshore to the Northeast canyons a few times a year and still be able to fish inshore shallow water without any problems. I am looking at two DV models, one with twin 200 HPDI's and the other has twin F225 four strokes. Both motor configurations get better than 2mpg so the range is certainly there.

Do these hulls ride much better than my old 16 degree 2520XL? would the twin 4-strokes be too much weight in the transom? I would like to hear from anyone with experience on a DV with twins....
Wayne: Good question on the 4 strokes being too heavy. That would have me wondering personally and unless that boat had upgraded Trim Tabs, I would think about it.

The 200HPDI's are great motors too. Loaded down with Ice, Gear, and 4 fat guys, you will still have plenty of power.

I envy you in your search. It's exciting looking for a new boat.

I ran a 2510 DV for 9 seasons. Made at least 1 or 2 canyon trips per year. Boat has twin 150's. Never had a problem, but i "picked" the right days to go. Not many other 25's out there. Just traded up to the 2820. good luck.
Wayne, I'd check out the 21 degree XLD when it comes in. Mark told me they're expecting one in the Spring. It would have to be a much better riding boat for me to pay the extra $$ to upgrade. Twin 150's-200's would be sweet.
waynesworld":3lw3i09f said:
what't this about 4 fat guys?

Geez Wayne, I'm not saying your fat, in fact, I probably have a few pounds on you. :lol:

My reference was to loading the boat with alot of weight and still having plenty of punch from twin 200hp HPDI's.

I can attest to what Parker 28 had to say. I made the majority of those trips with him to the deep. The boat never missed a beat...just pick your days. We usually ran Jim's boat at 23 - 24 knots, but there were those days when we were down to 17knots on the ride home....Just throttle back and enjoy the ride.
Is the XL sold yet?

With my XL and the F225 I can get 2.5 mpg traveling at 22 to 25 mph on my trips up to 60 miles offshore. It is interesting to think that twins would get 2 mpg but I've heard the same thing.

Have fun with your search.

I run a 2530 out of Niantic and the last three years we have averaged 6 trips per year to the 50 fathom line and beyond. Picking the days to go is most important. Usually we do at least one overnite trip. Boat has twin F200s and we average 120-135 gallons of fuel per trip. One thing to note is that if you leave at say 9am on day one and run 15 miles past the point and troll to the edge from there , overnite, troll three hours in the am then troll north, pick up at the horns and run home.....I burn the same amount of fuel as running 3.5 hours out, trolling six hours and running 3.5 hours back and your "fishing" time is quadrupled. Pick your days , weather and make sure you have all the safety gear and you should be fine.