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Apr 19, 2006
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New Milford, CT
Have a 2004 XL and the gaskets/seals for the opening windsheids have shrunk/pulled away in the lower corners and are letting in alot of water in rough seas. I want to use an adhesive and clamp them down to secure. Probably a common problem. What adhesive would you guys recommend?
I had the same problem where the gasket in the lower corners had shrunk and were letting in water.....

Here is the way I delt with it: I cut the gasket on the outside vertical surface and freed up the gasket to lay it in the corner properly. I think I used a silicon sealant as a glue. Then I had a one inch gap on the vertical surface that I covered with an automotive window gasket material that was of similar thickness..... Problem solved now for over 6 months.

Fishdoc, Thanks for your reply. Today I took marine "Goop" (most likely the same as shoe goop in different packaging) applied it to both the gasket and aluminum frame, allowed to set up for 5 minutes, pulled gasket down where it belonged and shut the windsheild on it instead of clamping. After 5hrs. or so I opened the windsheild and it seemed to be fine. Time will tell. It was pretty amazing how much water was coming through that spot in the lower corner when I had the boat trimmed way down and was taking alot of water over the port side running against quartering seas the other day. If my fix doesn't hold up, I'll try another adhesive or try your fix. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Danielb, Actually, before the gasket pulled away, I never had any leaks at all through either windshield. Now that it's back in place, I don't think I'll have a problem.
My port cabin sliding window has its gasket deteriorated. I suppose I canorder the part from my dealer; I don't want to drive the boat an hour each way for a small item like this.