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Feb 24, 2006
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Staten Island NY
Anybody know of a 12 volt coffee maker that actually worked. Had one years ago but it never got the water hot enough to make a good cup of coffee,plus it was very slow. Like to have something hot on those all night striper trips.
I have a 10 cup 12v coffee maker made by MarinePro, and I can tell you that it takes about 45 minutes to make a 10 cup pot of coffee. :(

If you are overnighting, start the pot early, but if you're just going out for the day, buy a good thermos and make your coffee at home. :wink:
Coleman makes a 10 cup drip coffee maker that sits on top of any propane stove and works a lot faster than the 12v. I tried the 12v and it was way too slow.
With the 2820, you really owe it to yourself to install an inverter. I have a 1200 watt inverter that can power most small ac appliances including a 700w microwave. I also have a backup inverter just in case. Those life's little luxuries are very comforting on long trips. Movie and popcorn anyone???


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Think Ill just use a thermos, alot simpler and less of a hassle than carrying coffee ,milk, sugar and fresh water.
Well, I did say I use a Coleman stove. The same stove I cook my fish and Spam on. Fish and Spam sanwiches are tasty.