150 Hrs on my F150 Yammy and a Burned Out Fuel Pump!!!!!!!!

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Apr 6, 2006
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Martha's Vineyard
I received the bad news the other day and wanted some advice prior to contacting Yamaha Customer Service from anyone who has experienced this problem. After 150 hours my F150 4 stroke needs a new fuel pump. My mechanic has replaced the pump and told me that the filter at the pump was all clogged up causing the pump to burn out. He said it is not an uncommon problem in newer engines and could have been caused by either fuel contamination of some sort or bits of dibree working their way through the system. The engine has been properly maintained and has all the right filters (10micron fuel water seperator etc.). Prior to contacting Yamaha to see if the warranty will cover the $1,200 expense or some portion of it I was wondering if any of you out there has had a similar problem?

It should be noted that I have no complaints with anyone I have dealt with up to this point and am grateful that the marina I deal with has been responsive and has gotten me back on the water in a matter of 2 days.
I'd have to say it was caused by bad fuel. Even with 10-micron filters installed, there are reports coming out of FL where none of the OB makers will warranty damages to the fuel pumps. There were reports of new Merc Verados and a new Evinrude E-Tec where 4 or more fuel pumps were put on "under warranty" until both makers stopped warrantying damages to fuel pumps. The word is that no OB maker today will warranty a fuel pump if that state uses E10 fuels.

Someone over on FFSW forums a guide went through 2 Yam fuel pumps due to "bad fuel", even when running the Yam-recommended 10-micron f/w separator filter, see this post here.

Even the Gilbarco company who makes the fuel delivery systems that one uses at your local gas station has had their hands full of E10 problems and is considering lawsuits and/or negating any warranties (like to stations that did not clean their tanks).

Not that the problem is the E10 formulation itself, rather IMHO it is crud already in the source tank (on the walls or on the bottom) that the E10 loosens up that is the problem, IMHO.

Good luck ... keep us posted!
If the motor is still under warrenty, why doesn't you dealers mechanic handle the warrenty claim?
I was under the impression that is the way it works... tho I have no first-hand knowledge. My motor has been out of warrenty for years. :)

Hope it works out for you. E10 fuel issues have caused their share of damage everywhere this season. :(
Thats BS, then why does Yamaha say engines are E10 capable in the owners manual, I getting sick of these companies hanging us out to dry. :evil:
Sorry, shudda mentioned ... the reports from FL are that the fuel "may" contain more than 10% ethanol. Most rubber parts since '93 are only certified to the SAE spec for alcohol to be 10% of the fuel mix. Rumors abound that some fuel suppliers made E10 fuel by mixing together odd stocks of fuel, thereby some could be ethanol rich.

That said, I'm not sure whom to blame if the fuel or fuel pumps are getting clogged by debris smaller than 10-micron. Sure, easy to blame the OB mfg'r, but they can't control the fuel source ... then again, neither can we.

Until resolved, looks like lots of fur will fly :shock: !
Thanks guys for your feedback. I found it very useful and informative. I spoke with Yamaha Customer Service today and they have agreed to cover the costs of the repairs under the extended service plan that came with the engine. If the engine wasn't new (160 hours) I don't think they would have been as understanding. They did mention that their field tests on the East Coast found that some ethanol levels approached 18% and not the 10% that the retailers posted. As far as the West Coast is concerned they said their problems were far less and the field tests came in at the 10% as posted.

Again, thanks Dale, Megabyte et al!
Capawock":20iginww said:
They did mention that their field tests on the East Coast found that some ethanol levels approached 18% and not the 10% that the retailers posted.

Holy Crap! This is an angle I never even thought about. Variability of Ethanol percentage. Where do they actually blend in the Ethanol? At the last local bulk storage/distribution plant? It has a short shelf life, so it is surely not at the refinery.

So if the guy at the local blending plant is not so great at math.....we get clobbered! :shock:
Capt. Phil,

I have an '07 21SE powered by the F150 on the way...it's still in production an I should take delivery this month (the waiting is killing me). I don't have any answers on this one, but your post and replies definately caught my attention with the F150 on the way and my location in the Florida Keys (ethanol concerns). Do you fill up at various locations or the same station/marina?

Glad to see that Yammie is supporting you on this one. How do you like the 21SE? My only concern is the power. I will be adding a t-top, outriggers, offshore gear, and bottom paint in addition to the standard features. Oh, and my wife too (low 100's, not too concerned about the extra weight there...some drag though :D ). What sort of numbers are you getting at cruise and WOT?

Thanks for the post

'07 21SE, F150

Florida Keys
Hi Salt Shaker-

Sorry for the delay in responding to the post but I've been fishing hard during the finale of the Martha's Vineyard STriped Bass and Bluefish Tourney which ended on Saturday with awards given on Sunday.

You are going to LOVE your new Parker. It has been a wonderful boat for me. The 150 Yammie is plenty of power for it and very fuel efficient. I cruise at about 4500RPM's doing about 35mph or so. It's fast out of the hole and gets up on plain quickly as long as you learn to use the engine trim properly. Mine has tabs so when I have an uneven load it's very easy to trim her up.

A very dry and comfortable ride that my anglers have been very impressed with. Also, the folks at Parker have been great and so have the Yammy reps. Except for a few minor glitches, I've had a great season on her. Good luck with yours.
Capt. Phil,

Thanks for the reply. I got the call that the boat should be here on Monday. I should be on the water within two weeks. I'll post some pics when I get her on the water.

Catch 'em up!