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Mar 8, 2006
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Boston, MA
My 98' 1800 topped off with 60 gallons of juice and yours truly use to do 32mph at around 5,500-5,600rpm. This is with a 115 Johnson FICHT. After a few close encounters with rocks and sand, I am lucky if I can get 30mph. Something tells me that I had the wrong prop to begin with and should have been up in the mid to high 30s. Any thoughts :?

Many thanks,
hey Sam,
As I recall, my 18 with a 90 suzi two stroke used to do 28 knts, or about 32 mph, and with a suzi 115 fourstroke it went up to somewhere between 32-36 knots, which was just under 40 mph. This was the old 18 with the 40 gallon tank. Sounds a bit slow--what is the max pm for that engine?
I run a Seaswirl cuddy w/ 115 Ficht, 25" (long) shaft...get about 38 GPS mph @ 5,500 rpm.

Sadly, I lost #1 cyl early this year, but have a new E-tec on order.

I found the best performance is with the stock aluminum 3 blade OMC 15 X 17 (Stock# 391200) after trying 15 X 15, 15 X 16, 14 1/2 X 19 and a couple composite props. A real good runner up prop (and the one I currently use) at a killer price is these 'old' Hustlers. I keep a couple spare housings on board (housings are only $55). Your numbers would be different if you are using the short shaft, 13 spline prop.

Hustler Prop and Housing
I am the proud/new owner of an 1995 18' Parker with a 1995 Johnson 115 Ocean Runner/60 degree. With a full tank, mine is only 40 Gallons, gear and myself I top out WOT at about 36-38MPH 5700 RPMs. My Bottom is Painted and I am using a 15x17 Prop. I cruise at around 4500 RPM which is around 25 MPH.
The readings I am giving you come from my Garmin Gps and are almost exact on a Ray FF. Hope this Helps!
SamR":1dql2a5p said:
... yours truly use to do 32mph at around 5,500-5,600rpm.
Is that a 6K Max motor? If so, it should be turning 5700-5800 RPMs @ WOT with 1/2 fuel and typical load. You could be over-propped, which long-term is not good for an OB.
So I checked the manual and it's not black and white to me. It says that I should be running between 5 and 6K. Not much help. Anyone know where I can get an exact number? Tuna are here.... no time to be slow :)
5700-5800, with 1/2 tank fuel, you and the gear you typically carry on board as a load
It's not a direct comparison, but my previous boat, a 2000 Dusky 17 Open Fisherman with a 2000 Johnson 90 Ocean Pro (carbed) and no bottom paint would do 36 mph WOT.

I would think the comparison should be close.

My 1997 Parker 1800 with a 115 Yamaha 2 stroke, carb version, full tank of fuel, myself and wife, bottom painted and a T-top, 35 GPS mph w/ 13x17 stainless prop at 5000 or so rpm. Flat water, no wind. Why would anyone go that fast? I cruise at 24 mph with full load. Good economy and handling.
So it does sound like I am going too slow and not hitting the right RPM. What's next? I'd prefer to stick with an aluminum prop since I am likely to hit something :oops:

I should probably tell you what size prop I have.... which I will have to check :roll:
This looks like a good place for me to jump in.I may find answers myself. 89 -1800/115 yam 13x19 yam ss prop/no bottom paint/t-top/5200 rpm./speed unknown. Too much prop ? Was looking at a permatrim but cost getting close to tabs/which way.. Thanks
how about the lenco as I would like to avoid the hyd tnk?
I have never encountered a dealer who didn't over prop a boat when rigging. THe owners manual will tell you the redline of your engine. Prop the engine so you can reach redline with a FULL load of fuel, gear, trimmed out, and people. If you are runnning a lighter load you can always throttle back in order to avoid over reving. Run an engine over proped is much like starting a manul shift automobile off in second or third gear rather than 1st gear. It lugs the engine creating damaging strain.

Remember, each inch reduction in prop pitch will result in approximately 200 rpm increase in top end.
I used to own a 2001 1801 with an F115 (don't recall the prop, other than that it was a black painted stainless).

With a full tank of gas, just me on the boat, and trimmed all the way out in flat water, I would hit a hair over 38 mph according to the gps, spinning 5900 rpm.
O.K.... I finally got off my butt and checked the prop.

3 blade aluminum
13 3/4 X 15

again, this is on a 98' 115 Johnson FICHT which should be hitting 6k and I am only getting 5.45k.
This link will give you Yamaha test data for the 1801CC with two versions of the F115 .
Looks like 39mph is top end .