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Oct 8, 2006
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I have an 1801 that's about 1yr old. I've been mulling over the installation of a trolling motor.

I have a 55 lb thrust minn kota riptide that I bought for a jon boat a while back thinking that I would be able to move it to my new boat when the time came, but I'm thinking now that it's probably not enough motor to pull the 1801 against current. I assume that I will need a 24 volt but was wondering if anybody would like to share their feelings about adequate lbs of thrust and motor shaft length for the 1801? Guess I should specify that I'm really only considering a bow mount motor. The tab mount stern thrusters seem like they would be a pain to control.

I'm pretty sure that RonG here has a trolling motor on his 1801.

Also, have you looked into the electric motors that mount on the back end of your outboard? They basically sit right above the cavitation plate. A friend of mine has one on his Maritime and likes it.

-- Tom
I have a 72 lb. thrust MinnKota saltwater, 3:1 steering, 24 volt, trolling motor for the front of my 1800, as TomS says. It is adequate to pull it in moderate current here in the northeast.

It is mounted on the bow with manual steering. This gives me the opportunity to site myself in the bow, cast and steer as I want.

To have it mounted on the boat, I must have the bow rail off. I have ideas of cutting out the center V of the rail and to modify it to allow space for the trolling motor with bends to the gunwale that encloses the space. You may not have the bow rail on, so that will pose no impediment.

Performance will depend on the current and wind for the 55 lb. motor. Strong current and/or high wind will pose a challenge for that motor. Smoother, calmer conditions will allow it to work fine for you. The hull draws little enough water to allow it to work, IMHO. If you are using it on the flats, I am sure it will work fine most of the time.

Now what I want to know is where you will be in March? I will be in DeBary, Fl for a couple of weeks during that month, and there is little I enjoy more than a few hours fishing for redfish.

:wink: :wink:
Thanks for the info Ron. I think I'm probably going to get a new 24volt motor. Looks like the options are now 70lb or 80lb thrust if I get a minnkota. Haven't priced them yet but if the price isn't too much difference, I will probably go with the 80lb.

Mine doesn't have a bow rail so installation shouldn't be too tricky.

I read on the hull truth site where one guy had his bow rail modified so that he could just remove a section of the rail to let the motor down. Said that it had removable pins to lock it in place when he had it in. He had kids on the boat frequently so he didn't want to remove the rail, I think. Might be something for you to consider.

As to fishing let me know when you're in fla and maybe we can meet up. Fair warning though, I've only lived in the area about 1yr and had the boat for less time than that, so I'm not necessarily dialed in yet.

I will PM you prior to my trip, if I think I will have time to rely on your expertise and hospitality.

I am also considering trailering my rig from my home in Maine down to our home in Florida, and remounting the trolling motor for the flats on the Indian River. It will all depend on time, money, and commitments. I have hired a guide in the past, and that has worked out well also.

I love my Parker!


Can you be more specific on The Hull Truth post about mounting the trolling motor. I don't seem to find it.


Thanks, Jbo.

The modifications to the bow rail are inventive. I will try to replicate it on my boat. There sure are some smart people out there. Your help is much appreciated.