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Aug 9, 2006
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New to the site but have had my Parker for 5 years. Love the boat but unfortunately it is time to sell for several reasons.

Looking to sell through local Parker Dealer as I dont have time to show it to prospective buyers. Of course, I was told by the broker that the price I was looking to get was higher than the broker has in mind. Have searched around but haven't seen any similar year models for sale. Have also checked NADA guides but dont know reliable that is. Was wondering if anyone here can help with realistic asking price for the boat.

Boat is in great shape, real clean, has Yamaha 150 2 stroke, just over 200hrs. Has radar rack, rocket launchers, bimini top and cockpit cover. Not much in the way of new electronics.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

Finding 'comps' on a 2110 can be difficult because even though that model seems to be very popular with its owners, it is no longer in production by the company.


Maybe an owner here can tell us how many years the company made the 2110.
They might even know what they are going for these days.

Unfortunately for you, the value might simply end up being what someone is willing to give, in order to have one.

Probably your best bet right now is to list it in the ClassicParker For Sale area, with a full description, multiple photographs, and with a negotiable price.
That would be a start...

Good luck!