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2001 2520 Sport Cabin for $29,750

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Capt Brad

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Mar 1, 2006
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Florida Keys
The only thing about this boat that doesn't look like new is the price tag. With a Garmin FF, Furuno GPS, Simrad Auto-Pilot and a Icom VHF your electronics package is complete. Also having fresh bottom paint, a livewell and new safety gear she is ready for water. The boat is located in Marathon FL. in the heart of the Florida Keys. Please feel free to send me a PM or Contact Capt Brad @(305) 743-2502.


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Congrats Lance on your purchase, we will be shipping the boat to you this weekend. Have fun and thanks again. Capt Brad
Man, your 'low' selling prices are devaluing my '92 ;) !
Sorry Dale, but she was on consignment, wasn't my price. If I was ready for my next boat, this one would have never come to the market. Again thanks for letting me post my boats. Capt Brad.