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2004 2520 MV Sport Cabin

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Capt Brad

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Mar 1, 2006
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Florida Keys
A rigged and ready to fish Parker with only 89 HRS and transferable warranty on both boat and motor. Along with a long list of custom equipment:
Pulpit with EZ Anchor Puller
Trim Tabs with Auto retract & Position Indicator Switch
Raw Water Washdown
Rocket Launcher
Furuno GPS GP-32 Navigator
Ray DS 500X Fishfinder
Standard Horizon Eclipse
Engine has warranty until 12/27/07[/b

Trailer Not Included

Please feel free to email me a private message or email the office @ [email protected] or call @ (305) 743-2502
Thanks Capt Brad


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It is powered with a Four-stroke 225 and this is the modified-vee bottom with the 14 degree deadrise.

Thanks for the reply
Capt Brad
Congrats to Terry and his son on the purchase of this beautiful Parker. Had a great sea-trial on Saturday and I'm sure this father and son team will be members here soon. Ill let all you owners take it from here and show them the ropes of Parker ownership.