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May 24, 2006
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East Setauket, NY
Hello All,
I don't believe I introduced myself or my boat, the "Caitlin Elizabeth" properly. She is named after my 5 year old daughter Caitlin. My son Michael was not to pleased with the name seection, and lets me know on a regular basis.
I'm a NYC Fireman assigned to Engine Co 326, and was appointed Dec 9th 1985. Before that I was a 2 Class Boatswains Mate USCG for 4 years active. Firsth 2 years aboard the USCGC Clover & Woodrush out of Sitka, Alaska. Last 2 years running the CG 41412 & CG 30594 out of Ft. Totten NY. And then there's the High School years as a Commericial Clam Digger on the Great South Bay (I miss those days)
I was going to wait till I retired to purchase the boat, but my wife talked me into it. I was going to get a 20' Privateer CC, then looked into the Steigercraft (which I think is a well made boat). It was a toss up between the Steiger and the Parker. I was originally going to go with a Walkaround, but the wife talked me into the cabin because of the kids.
I'm pretty happy with the boat overall and hope to spend a lot of time on it this summer God willing. Lets see if I can get a picture of her. Take care & have a safe boating season TJ May


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Welcome aboard TJ!
BTW - What's all that white stuff under the boat? :D

:mrgreen: That actually isn't from around here.

That photo was taken 2 years ago on a trip to Minnesota.
Fished through the ice and caught one Northern. :)