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2006 36' Grady White for sale on THT

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Apr 19, 2006
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New Milford, CT
For any of you guys who want to step up to a big Grady, there's one on THT with triple 250's. And the best part is it's only listed at $389,000!! Help me out here guys, I don't get it. Grady makes a great boat, but you can get one heck of an offshore sportfisher/cruiser with twin diesels for that money. Grady's performance #'s have the fuel burn at 39 GPH at 5000 RPMs. Roughly $160/hour on gas alone. Says he's selling it for health reasons. May have had a heart attack back at the gas pump. :shock:
$389k! :shock:

For that kind of money, I'd have a 40' deadrise built with a single diesel, bow thruster,
custom crusing interior, and probably have change left over for fuel.

Not only that, but I just checked the 2006 boat buyers issue of Sport Fishing Mag had that boat listed new at $344,650 w/o power. I think I'd opt for the 35' Henriques Express with the 440HP diesels with top speed of 39mph and a 29mph cruise for a mere $347,000. Both out of my league, but if I had the money and the desire for an offshore boat of that size, my choice would be easy. :wink: