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2006 Jeep Commander Ltd Hemi Loaded 28k free guitar too!

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Selling my wife's vehicle, and it is less than a year old:

2006 White Jeep Commander 5.7litre V8 Hemi Limited 4WD, with under 13,000 miles . It is loaded with upgraded Saddle brown leather interior. Sunroof and Moonroofs. DVD player. Navigation. Power Heated seats. Wide tires. Bluetooth. Homelink. Towing package. Dual zone climate control. Rear climate control.
New it MSRP'd $44,295. We paid closer to $40,000.

Mint condition, no accidents, driven by my wife around town. Kelly says Dealer trade in value is about $24k (cough), and private party retail is about $29-30k.

Any interest here? New Price $28k / prior asking was $29k negotiable. Located in Chatham, NJ

Feel free to email salfromchatham at gmail dot com, or call nine seven three six one five 8880


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Autotrader has dealer cars for sale with over 15k miles, asking $31-32k. Mine is the same car, driven right, less miles, and asking $2500 less as a starting point. I will have the car professionally detailed for the buyer who steps up quickly. You will get the "new" car, and I will have taken the depreciation crazy first year hit.

7200 lbs class leading tow capacity as well!

The 2007 model is called the Commander Overland (has the 5.7 Hemi), and spec'd exactly like mine has an MSRP of $45,870, less the rebate of $2500, = $43,370. Assuming that you get the car down to $41,000 at the dealer, mine in pristine condition saves 30%!

feel free to email me @ salfromchatham at gmail dot com
Man... that is tempting.
It's the right color too. 8)


Mine has over 175,000 miles on her.
I wish my money tree would hurry up and bloom. :(
175K Kev....she's just getting broken in. :D

I'm about to roll 230K on mine and she'll still light up the tires.


Nice vehicle Sal. Good luck with the sale. :)
Man Kev, you disappoint me. I was hoping your post would indicate that you and Sal made a deal. Now I can't call dibs on your XJ! :D

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