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See my webpage at http://home.earthlink.net/~streagle/Frameset.html for my 2120 semi-blog. You will find many positive comments and some negatives. Most folks are concerned with the ride of this boat -- it is not a 25 footer and does not have the same ride. You will need to slow down for typical Bay chop over 1-1/2 to 2 feet, depending on interval. The boat is easy to trailer and launch/retrieve. It is also easy on gas for such a heavy hull. I am partial to gas savings with the F150, but I suppose most folk would appreciate an F200 on this boat. Proper prop can be difficult to guage but I settle for 28 mph at 4400 rpm, and 34 mph at 5600 rpm WOT with a 15-? X 15 Yammie black steel. Nice planing at 14 mph for the rough stuff.

The 2120 is extremely seaworthy for it's size and is a dry ride, even without the cabin to retreat into. Chairs on the deck stay dry unless windblown spray blows back aboard. Two people can definitely sleep aboard in the v-berth and three can be seated comfortably in the PH, four is tight.

The 2120 will be much heavier than the 18 CC, so be advised it will handle much differently. You will need to trim the boat with the tabs 2-3 times more than what you are used to. Overall I love the boat, even though there are things I would change. I will not sell it unless I get a larger tow vehicle, and then I would probably move up to a 2320 or 2520. It will have to be a Parker Sport Cabin until I retire and live on a Nordhaven 44 w/ a Parker 18 on a davit. :D

The major drawbacks to this model are (IMHO):

1) No fish box. A recessed floor box would be awesome.

2) Rod storage under port gunnel is suitable for snoopy poles only (fuel hose blocks the area). Rip 'em out and mount some other useful bracket for some other purpose.

3) Wish they could design the boat with a solid transom, just for my piece of mind, never mind about boxes and other storage.

Major plusses:

1) Boat feels absolutely huge compared to its actual size.

2) Easy to maintain. All Parkers are, come to think of it!

3) A lockable cabin gives me piece of mind and foul weather protection for me and my stuff. I have made some trips home in really crappy weather and never been worried. Very seaworthy. It's nice not to have salt water in your eyes the entire time, ala center console. I do miss the CC when the weather's good sometimes.... oh well, can't have two boats.

4) Body heat actually keeps the PH very comfy for all but the coldest days. For those, portable heat is on five minutes and you begin to sweat.

5) I like to be able to stand in the pit while trolling and see over the cabin roof. Visibility is awesome. (I'm 6'4")

Contact me for any questions you might have.

Edit: I almost forgot a realization that has been slow to dawn on me. The cabin is the best windbreak for drift fishing or on the hook you will have ever known.
We have the exact same boat with a Yamaha 150HPDI. I totally agree that the boat is incredibly seaworthy, and intend to do some offshore fishing this summer on mine. When conditions get snotty, I am also using considerable amount of trim tab adjustment, but can usually find a nice speed in most rough conditions. I have run many smaller boats over the last 35 years offshore, from 17' whalers to 26 Makos and feel very safe on this rig.

We are looking into the new Yamaha "High Thrust" 8Hp. as a kicker motor, which would be a nice back up.

I also would love to see this boat in a full transom model, as it would add a nice measure of safety.

Great fishing boat, and ours has seen many fish come aboard in the last three years.