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Mar 21, 2006
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Edgewater, Maryland
I bought my 21 DVCC used in 2002 as a "rebound date" only 3 weeks after I sold the "Old Hat". I have grown to enjoy the ability to trail to exotic places like the Del bay and CBBT and fish the skinny water near my homeport (South River near Annapolis). The Old Hat was a project boat that I completely redid back in the mid 90's. She was (is) a 1966 28' Cruiser with twin 350's. Here are pics of both boats.


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The Parker is very nice but Wow!!! I hate to say it but the Hatt steals the show. Any other pictures of her?

FYI, I grew up boating in Sea Isle City myself...
Nice...both of 'em

Hatteras was the first large fiberglass boat in the world. People said it couldn't be done.
What year is your parker? I have the same rig with a Johnson Ocean Runner, which it looks like is what you have...mine is 1996.

Love the Hatt!
Welcome aboard!
I'm sure that we'll pass each other in the area of TPL this summer. I generally fish in the areas between Baltimore Light and Bloody Point Light, but concentrate mostly between Hacketts and Tollys. :)

I agree with the rest... very pretty Hatt. :wink:
Here are some more pictures of Old Hat. I bought this boat in 92 which was in pretty rough shape. The 318 chryslers were original so I replaced them with 350 chevy's and new 1:1 tranny's in 94. That year I also took all the original hardware off the boat and had this replated while the hull and top sides were repainted. I used the interlux interthane plus 2 part paint which took me a good weeks worth of vacation to apply with a roller. A few years later, I sanded down all the mahogony on the inside of the cabin and put some varnish on this to allow the beautiful wood to shine through but be protected.

I got rid of the boat because my family was growing and I had less time for all the maintenance. Basically, I wanted something simple that I could shoot out for 3 hours by myself before my family was up on a saturday morning. The 21 Parker DV certainly allows me to do this and alot more shallow water fishing that I otherwise couldn't do effectively with the Old Hat. I bought the Parker primarily because of the allegience I saw with so many of you die hard faithfuls. This lead me to believe that these boats have good resale value and that if I didn't like it I could easily sell.

Well I don't want to sell it because I like the boat alot. I am able to trail the boat back to the delaware bay which is close to where I grew up in Cape May county NJ. I have met up with my brother on his boat several times in the ocean off of delaware and in the delaware bay.

The Parker is a 95 hull with a 2001 power. The t top was added in 2001 as well by the former owner. I added the canvas enclosure and the splashboard which helps minimize the water that comes over the cut transom.

Kevin, I have seen you before at TPL. I am sure I will see more of you this summer and will be sure to say hello.

Here are some pics


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