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Nov 6, 2006
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ocracoke nc
Purchased a 21SE w/F150 last spring. Got the transom reinforced at the factory for jackplate installation and also underfloor backing plates for second station tower. I chose not to get trim tabs initially thinking that I could always add them if needed. Having a problem with porpoising especially when passengers in the boat are toward the stern. Wondering what you guys would reccommend? Trim tabs, Doelfin/Cobra etc.... Looking to fix the porpoising problem as well as more efficient planing. I have played with tilt and jackplate to no avail. Thanks
There was another thread where several owners discussed this do a search for the following topic:

Doelfin's, Stingray's, Permatrims, etc etc etc...Whose got '

This may take you straight there:

http://www.classicparker.com/phpBB2/vie ... ight=cobra

I also did not get trim tabs on my 21 SE originally and agree that the boat either needs trim tabs or a hydrofoil. I am planning on trying the Cobra Marine Professional Stabilizing Plate this winter.
I too am waiting for the winter haul out Gator. I will probably go with trim tabs rather than the hydrofoil. Thanks for the Bennett tabs advice Megbyte. Just got in from limiting on specks and left them biting. Major rain and wind was moving in and made for a choppy ride back. The boat actually runs better in a chop than in slick conditions (as far as porpoising goes). Thanks guys
Yeah - I agree trim tabs provide the most flexibility but I used a hydrofoil on my previous boat, a 17' Center Console, and it worked as advertised. Still trying to scrape together the moola for the trim tabs.

I know Bennett has a stellar rep but I like what appears to be a cleaner install offered by the Lenco Tabs too.

Good luck either way and good job on those specks!