21 SE Trolling Motors?

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Feb 24, 2006
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Is anyone out there in Parker land using either a trolling motor or the troll-n-tabs on their 21 SE?
Esteemed fellow Parker owner,
There were a few Chesapeake Bay light tackle guides that ran 21SE's with bow mounted MotorGuide trolling motors. They worked OK, but; most have now gone to the 23SE without trolling motors.
Good question! I have a 21SE as well. I asked my dealer about the Lenco troll-n-tabs and they told me they tried them for a while but got a lot of complaints and stopped recommending them. I wonder if this is still the case?

I've also heard that the new extra long shaft Minnkota might work but I'm not positive.
Have you considered Navigator trolling motors that attach to the vent plate on the OB? See here.


I once took my twin brother on a guided trip flyfishing for striped bass up on the Kennebec River in Maine, as he's just getting into SW flyfishing. I had booked the trip with Capt Peter Fallon of Gillies & Fallon Guide Service, click here.

Capt Pete had a pair of those Navigator trolling motors setup on the vent plate that rode above his OB's vent plate. What a slick setup :D ! He could keep us in some great spots or could turn the bow/stern as needed for us to make a great presentation with the fly. We hit a good school of bass holding tight between a rocky ledge (as is 99.9% of Maine :shock: ! ) and a long series of rocks, partly exposed like a submarine hull just lying there. There was barely 50' between them and 1/2 way thru the falling tide, it was just a chute of water pouring through there. If he didn't have those trolling motors, he would have had to keep his OB running to position the boat for safety ... nevermind for the fishing.

I tell you, I left that day on the water totally impressed with those Navigator trolling motors from Marine Tech :D ! Maybe getting well over 100 striped bass didn't hurt ... but that was just the fishing. I can tell you this ... if I ever go back to a ~20' (or less) skiff/CC again, I'll look into those OB mounted troll'n motors for sure !
One of the California Parker guys from the Yahoo emailed me that:

I have the motorguide bow mount model SW82 Digital 60 inch shaft. It develops 82# of thrust and it is the 24 volt model. It has a variable speed control twist grip handle marked 1 through 10, 10 being full thrust, and I rarely run the motor past 7 on the scale, so yes I think that it more than adequat!

I'm using this setup in the pacific ocean with current, wind and backwash to boot. This motor gets the job done.

When I first outfitted my 21SE, I had the foot control model but I changed it out to the hand control model since I was standing while fishing and the hand control is more convenient while standing.