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Oct 6, 2006
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Newport News,Virginia
I purchased my 'retirement' Parker in Feb. A 2120.I have been on the Chesapeake Bay all my life. This is by far the strongest boat I have ever owned. Are there other 2120 owners's who live in the Tidewater area, if so I would love to hear about your 2120 and any hints on customizing. : :D
Welcome aboard, Coach great to new have members. There are a lot of pictures to look at in the projects forum for rigging ideas. I'm sure there will be several posts back from fellow 2120 owners. Have fun with it! Capt Brad
We love ours too! Check out the web page I have in my signature and also be sure to let us know how things go with any mod's. I am still patiently waiting for the second station steering pump, but I've been putting the other gear aside for that project. I'm currently doing trailer maintenance (replacing bearings, races, seals, replacing a couple of cracked axle hangers. I must've whacked a pothole pretty hard or I need to upsize the trailer to a heavier rated model).

If you are nearby please let me know when you're going out. Maybe we can pair up during striper season. This boat is one tough cookie and does the winter striper season without spending a fortune. Most Excellent!

Edit: Just noticed you are from N. News -- DUH! I've been trailering past your location for three years now with our 2120. If there's anything I can help you with just holler!