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Mar 2, 2006
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Jamul CA
Has any one ever heard of anyone mounting a engine bracket platform on a 2120?

It looks like the one for the 2320 would work.
I have never seen a bracket on a 21' parker. The only manufacturer I know of that still puts a bracket on a boat under 23' is Dusky. I would be concerned about porposing or not being able to stay on plane at slower speeds due to the lack of running surface area and the deep v. Others will probably know better than me though.
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When I got my 2110 I asked the same question and my dealer told me at one time Parker did have a bracket option for the 21. But it made the boat hobby-horse too much, so they stopped offering it as an option. I'm aware of the Dusky brackets and I also know you can get a bracket on a GW 22, if your into GW's
Thanks for that info Graybeard

Before I owned the 2120 I had a 2110.

You should be proud of owning that boat. Eveything you need in a small boat.
Just something else to fish around! I am sure the porpoiseing (sp?) would be an issue. The 2120 will porpoise easily if you run it just so. Those are the two main reasons I would not want a bracket on mine. However, if I were to step up to the 2320 .... :wink:
If you put a bracket on the 21, you would probably have to add the Permatrim or the Cobra Marine plate to the lowerunit. Both add lift and push the bow down and stop porposing.

But, like most everyone else said, a bracket on a 21 might not buy you much.