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2120 for sale (REDUCED AGAIN!)

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katie I

Jun 21, 2006
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2004 2120 WITH 93 HRS ON YAMAHA F150. BOAT COMES WITH GARMIN 176 GPS GARMIN 250C FISH FINDER AND VHF RADIO. COCKPIT COMMING PADS, ANCHOR PULPIT ROCKET LAUCHER ROD HOLDERS 17 GAL. KODIAK LIVEWELL. CALL PAUL AT (904) 422 8019 OR (904 334 8647 OR EMAIL AT [email protected] TO FOLLOW SOON Boat also comes with tandem axle alluminum trailer. I am located in florida price reduced again firm at 30,000


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I wonder what type of performace numbers this setup shows. Thanks
To tell you the truth its been amost 9 months since Ive had the boat in the water but In 2-3ft seas cruising at about 24-26mph I was getting close to 3 mph
Just a quick update. For anyone out of the area interested in this boat I have done some checking around and shipping for this boat is 1.25 per mile and the trailer has just been serviced and with 4 new tires and berring repacked.
Im not sure why this is showing up again but this was sold about 6 months ago