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Oct 6, 2006
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Newport News,Virginia
Has anyone put an auxillary helm outside the sort cabin in a 2120, if you have sujestions or pictures I would appreciate it. :D :D :D
P.S. I love my 2120 but still learning her personality
I had one installed in my 2520 last winter.


I bought the rear station from an owner in Florida who removed it from a 25' C-Hawk that was being outfitted as a dive boat.
He said that the rear station was in his way for how he intended to use the boat.

The fiberglass part used by C-Hawk is nearly identical to the ones Parker installs.
The only difference is that Parker puts their wheel on top, and the motor controls on the angle.

Here is a Parker install (on a 2320 I believe)


Here is a rear station on a Parker 2820


The other difference is that mine has a soft cover on the side, while the Parker parts use a rigid deck hatch.
Replacing the soft cover with a solid hatch is a project for another day...


I assembled the major parts needed to install the rear station and delivered it to my dealer last winter when I dropped her off for winterization, and storage in their yard. They performed the install during the winter layup.

One advantage I had, was that I could specify exactly where I wanted the part located.
Notice in this photo that my rear station is mounted 18 to 20" further aft than a factory install.
I like it much better that way. :wink:


Hope this helps!

I am in the process of accumulating the parts for the install. I hope to have it in by the beginning of January. I really need it for the coastal striper trolling season. Will post pics of the install.

I'm planning on a bulkhead mount similar to Dale's. There's just not enough room in the 2120 for a freestanding station (IMO) and the bulkhead fiberglass mount must be modified extensively to fit. So far I have the motor controls, cables, and wheel. I still need the Seastar helm pump, hoses, add-a-station kit, and some starboard to build the interior/exterior motor control housings.
coachbob":3l9669hs said:
Has anyone put an auxillary helm outside the sort cabin in a 2120, if you have sujestions or pictures I would appreciate it.
Welcome Coach!

Go to the SEARCH feature and put in "aux" for the keywords and "DaleH" for the author and you'll get some info I have posted. You and Ranger Tim should team up and document this process for CP :) !