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Jun 14, 2006
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Nantucket, Ma
I had a deal fall through on a left over 2120 and now it has me looking towards a 2320. I really like the closed transom and some extra cockpit space. Ride and fuel wise is there a big difference between the two. The boat would be used in the north east mostly onshore but on the rite days it would go as far off as 20-30 miles. Mostly four to six people on the boat for easy cruises and three maby for fishing. The boat would be moored but trailered for fuel and during bad weather but not more than a mile or two. I also plan on keeping the boat for many years. I would also be buying new or realitivly new, with for stoke power some time over the winter when prices have been reduced. Does the extra two feet make it that much more of a boat to justify the extra $10,000.
Yes. If the 2320 is in the budget, trailering is not a problem, and offshore is a goal, do it. It will not cost much more to operate. I can't think of any good reasons why not to go 2 feet longer.

I have a 2120 because I trailer long distance with an F150 truck and I don't go more than 3 miles offshore. If I ever wet slip I will move to a 2320 or 2520. What I really want is that 40+ foot Nordic Tug/Nordhavn...
Ranger Tim":1antobqe said:
What I really want is that 40+ foot Nordic Tug/Nordhavn...

Oh hell yes...! :D
I'm with you brother! 8)