23 Sou'wester on ebay

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Hi Raider Ron - I have no connection to it. I just happened to see it on ebay. But I would think it is 8'6" just like yours.
Reminds of the older Shamrock Pilot House center consoles that you see used as tow boats.

There is a much newer 25 ft center console that has a similar Pilot House but set further aft the stern in the next marina down for us. It is owned by the state of NJ. I guess Parker doesn't advertise it as an option.
When I spoke to Farron Peffer about my '83 23CC Souwester, he said that many of the boats that came from them back then were custom built for the commercial guys. Mine was built for twins, with two 50 gal tanks. When I told him about the two tanks, he said that had to have been custom from them. Bet this pilothouse was a request from a crabber or something.

BTW, My 23 has an 8'6" beam as well. However, 9' sometimes would be pretty ideal.