2320SL Fuel Efficiency

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Jul 14, 2006
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Sterling, MA
I'm looking for some numbers comparing the F225 to the F250. From what I've been reading the F250 is going to do much better at optimal cruise. Does anyone have the numbers for the two at

4500 RPM?

I emailed Robin, but I figure someone here might have real world numbers of their own to share. I'm waiting on the charts from Parker though. :D
I believe I have read on THT where the 250 gets better mpg than the 225 and 200 (four strokes)
I have owned my SL2320 F250 for one year and have 152 hrs on it. With 35 hrs and no load other than fuel and 4 People I got 2.9 mpg did do wot for a short period and ran 46mph at 6100 rpm. At 74 hrs with full load about 1000 lbs extra{ice,bait tank and gear} 4 people and fuel I got 2.2 mpg and 42 mph. These are all freshwater #'s I can't say enough good things about this boat and motor combination. It has done everything I expected it to do. Most of my running is done at 4800 rpm's 31 mph std steel prop.