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Feb 23, 2006
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Middle River, Maryland
I hope to splash my 2510 MV this weekend and test my new Bennett Trim tabs. Typically I don't want to see a 2 to 3 foot chop on the Chesapeake Bay but I want to see some wave action Saturday. New tabs, new horns, new batteries and a fresh paint job, give me a little sun.

I know Capt. Kevin you want to see pics, I'm working on it.

susqking":27wn1w75 said:
I know Capt. Kevin you want to see pics, I'm working on it.

You know me too well Anthony. :D
Good luck with your sea trial. Let us know how it goes.

BTW - One test you should do with those big flippers...
See how slow you can go and still keep her on plane. I can go as slow as 9 knots in mine.
Makes a difference on a small-craft day.
Susqking, I'd like to hear what you have to say about the difference between the Tabs. I still have the stock tabs on mine and have been thinking about replacing them.
Splashed the boat Saturday and it was almost calm, of course it is never like that when I go fishing. I did play with them for about 20 minutes and these tabs bring the bow down more than you could imagine. I would estimate 1/3 of the way down would match the original Lenco's. I can't wait to see a good 2-3 foot chop, I will report back and let you know how I make out.

Kevin, I would estimate 13-14 mph hour and she would stay on plane, I can probably tweak that after I play with them some more.

What’s involved in replacing the Tabs? My boat came with Lenco’s. Do I just need new tabs or do the actuators need to be replaced as well?

Nothing could be used from the Lenco's. The entire tabs have to be removed, old holes filled and some gelcoat work above water line where the old actuators were mounted. I had a friend who loves to drill holes in boats do most of the work I just helped.

Dale and Megabyte have done this to their boats too. Can't wait to get into some choppy water, you would not believe the difference unless you seen it.

I also installed Ongaro horns too, those things are L O U D !

Here you go.
This is before the tabs were painted...

I went on the advise of Megabyte (Kevin), Dale and Tom from Bennett. I thought about the larger Lencos and these guys had first hand experience with the Bennett's and had great things to say.

I knew I would have had to fill holes and do some gelcoat work with either so I went with Bennetts. I have not had a chance to see what they do in 3 footers, but these things really can bring the bow down, it is like night and day.

I was out today 4/17 and there were 2 footers and they worked great.