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Capt Brad

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Mar 1, 2006
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Florida Keys
Good Morning Guys

I just received an email from Parker about the new 2510XLWK it has great lines and good numbers from the sea trial test data. Sorry I cant attach the boat porn yet but I will later. It now has the fish box like the 2520 XL. They put in more helm for electronics pkgs a new windshield and hardtop with a more sporty look. It also has more freeboard inside and the 175 gal. fuel tank. Looks like Parker has another well done redesign on the plate. I'll be back later with more info.

Capt Brad


Can't wait to see photos ....
I'm working on it they email things so strange from Parker it takes awhile and I'm no computer wiz. :roll:
Photos from Capt Brad of the new Parker 2510XL Walk-Around. You made them happen ... Captain :) !


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The helm area looks to have a lot more real estate for flush mounting electronics :!: Nice job!
I'm not too sure about the throttle though. Maybe it's the photo angle, but does it look a bit low to anyone else?

I'd love to see one 'in person' so I could get a better feel! :mrgreen:

Any changes to the SC models?
I like the taller windshield. I'm tired of looking through the top aluminum bar. Looks like they took some tips from the customers. But...they needed to move the hardtop up a bit higher. The distance between the top of the windshield and the hardtop looks queer.
I agree that the throttle placement looks a bit funky - maybe just the photo angle.

Definately like the additional real estate for flush mounting electronics and the new location for the swith panel - appears to be much easier to read w/o having to look down for more than a second.

Hard to be sure, but looks like no overhead e-box. Also, the new windshield does not have the "wing" vents to let a little breeze in.
Only thing I don't like is that THICK loop of SS rail hanging low under the hardtop. They should have put it up flush to the hardtop in front ... looks very weird to me and for the life of me ... I cannot figure out why they left it hanging so low, cuts right into the sight lines from the helm :?:
Looks like they are still using plastic thru-hull fittings. You would think that with a $75k boat, they would put SS or plated bronze thru-hulls into her.

Replacing my plastic thru-hulls with SS or plated bronze like Kevin did will be my next major project.

I do like the looks of the boat, except for the fact that the hardtop is too low against the taller windshield.
Porkchunker said:
Looks like they are still using plastic thru-hull fittings. You would think that with a $75k boat, they would put SS or plated bronze thru-hulls into her.

I have to agree with this.

Another odd thing is the starboard fish box drains on the cockpit floor.
Nice boat but if you have all that why not just have the 2520 and have the cabin enclosed and extend your season. Plus the spray coming in between the roof and the wind shield top...