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Feb 22, 2006
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Cape May Court House, NJ
Hi all,

Thrilled about the new site - lots of great info already. My father and I run a 2002 2520 MVSC named the Lesa Elaine out of NJ (Delaware Bay). Here's a 50 inch striper caught last fall and take note of the 30 inch transom option for the notch...never a problem with water coming over the stern. We love the boat!



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Nice fish... My boat best is slightly over 42". DE Bay yeilds some big cows. I hope to fish their more often as my kids get older.
Welcome aboard. I am north of you, closer to Toms River. I have the lower cutout transom; yours would be nice to have, although I haven't had any issues so far.


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Nice fish Jim! What did you use to catch that pig?

I have aways to go... my biggest so far is a 39"er taken on a tandem rig trolling in the spring just off Matapeake in the Chessie.

Welcome aboard :!:

99.9% of our fishing is done at anchor so that's why we like the stability that comes from the modified "V" - it can get pretty choppy on the bay (probably very similar to what you experience on the Chesapeake?). Smaller stripers are caught very early (March) in the spring on bloods or clams then we switch over to fresh bunker (occasional herring) as the water warms up to 48 and the larger fish arrive. The fall run starts in mid October which is when we got this cow on a bunker head. She was released to fight again. Believe it or not, there are quite a few fish that are caught in the 50 inch/50 lb. and above range every fall.

Some other guys prefer to drift fish live eels in the Cape May "rips" just outside the Delaware Bay or use bucktails when the water gets colder.

I haven't heard of too many guys who troll for stripers in the Del bay but I'm sure it would work. The preferred method seems to be "bunker chunking".


PS If you ever have an open spot I would like to come down and try a trolling trip with you.

The migratory fish are gone usually by early/mid June as the water temperature gets too warm. I hear some hardcore guys still pick up occasional big fish at night in the inlets on eels during that timeframe...
Jim, With the number of mid to upper Chesapeake folks here on ClassicParker already, getting a ride for a trolling trip should be a snap. As we get closer to the season, we'll have to encourage folks looking for company to advertise for a "Ho".

BTW - "Ho" isn't a derrogatory term... It's a Tidalfish euphanism for someone who wants to fish, needs a ride, and is willing to share expenses. You'll see postings all the time on TF asking for a 'Ho', or offering 'Ho' services in exchange for a ride. It is a great way to meet people and learn different techniques.

I do a lot of trolling in my boat. Spring and fall are almost all trolling, but I'll do early summer and early fall trolling using spoon umbrellas. Mid-summer I'll troll #0 Drones or Clarkspoons for Spaniards, Blues, and Rock, though most of the summer we'll be chunking LY and LTJ structure (like the Bay Bridge pilings and rock piles).

Hmmmmmmm...... We might need a fishing forum eventually. :D
rangerdog":uamhu3s8 said:
I'm headed to Cape May with my boat for a week in late June or late July. Will the migratory fish still be there or will it be schoolies only?

"Schoolies" should be around end of June and July-- Just of the Bluefin tuna sorts. The last couple of years school bluefin bite has been hot within the 20 fathom curve out of S Jersey. My father has had great luck at the Sea Isle Ridge, East Lump, and other shoals and holes well within 30 miles of the beach.

As far as the Cape May rips go.. October is usually the best month. Here is what we ended up with on my one trip on my father's boat the last several years difting eels. It was slow going but worth it.. (48")


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