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Not hearing much about the xld. Are they in limited production? Same basically as the XL, but with 21 degrees deadrise, heavier, and twins neccessary. Sounds pretty good to me. Forwarded this forum's address to a guy I've been corresponding with from California. Maybe he'll chime in.
The 2520 XLD is not in limited production, I ordered mine in Sept and recieved it in Dec. I really like the boat, the twin 150's are plenty of power and the ride is nice. I posted a few pics, and comments in the Introduce Yourself section Norm from Nor-Cal. If you have any questions about the boat let me know
The 2520 XLD is not a limited production boat, but from what I was told by a local dealer a 2820 can be had for about 5k more than the 25. If that is true, I would find a way to get the extra money for the 28.

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