2520XL transom fishbox / livewell conversion

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Feb 24, 2006
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Barnegat Bay
I have a 2520XL with a full transom and am looking to convert a part of it into a livewell. Has anyone done this yet? My thoughts are to portion out the port side small hatch section using a fiberglass sheet, round the corners with glass and get some kind of gelcoat finish applied so it will look factory. The saltwater pump for the washdown is located under this box so I was going to use this pump with a Y valve. While I wish I could fill up this huge transom fish box with fish it has not happened as of yet so installing a livewell to get my portable one off the deck is where I am headed. Thoughts?? Suggestions? Stick with a portable?
You'll burn up the washdown pump used continously. It's easy to "Y" off the water scoop thru hull and install a 1500-2000GPH livewell pump. Pipe to a spigot fitting. Use a short garden hose to hook up to the bottom of a 30 gal or so free standing livewell. Plumb a 1.5-2" plastic thru hull backwards at top of livewell and use bilge hose placed in front of scupper. No need to secure the livewell, the water will hold it down.

Hey...it ain't like you're pressed for deck space on that Parker! :)
I have a barrel that sits on my enging bracket, kind of locks into where they have the plate for a kicker motor.
I have 2 stainless eye bolts and tie it off to the transom with a ratcheting strap.
I have a 2nd scoop & sea cock that is plumbed to a 3400 gal pump.
That pump makes a AWESOME wash down also!!!
THanks for the advice. Now I have some thinking to do. When I am done I will post some pics on this topic.