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'99 Parker 2520 2-'04 250HP Suzuki's ***$40K***

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Mar 12, 2006
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Columbia, SC
Just saw this on craigslist in NC. Looks like a steal!!!! Someone should jump on this one quick!!!! Has flybridge and fixed single spreader riggers as well. Looks like an awesome boat!!!!!


1999 Parker Sport Cabin – 25 Foot

Detail Information

TWO - 2004 Suzuki DF250 Four Stroke Motors
Read about the engines here - http://www.media.suzuki.com/marine/press05/pr05_03.php
Price (ENGINES) - $18,000 (Comes with TWO YEAR warranty on engines – Only 100 hours on engines.
Most boats this size have one engine, this is equipped with two for super fast speeds when needed.

TWO – Garmin 3010C with all time weather via XM satellite.
One located in the bottom and one on the fly bridge. Read about this unit here - http://www.garmin.com/products/gpsmap3010c/
Price - (Garmin 3010C) - $5384.00
One year warranty on both units

TWO - TR1 Autopilot + Accesories
Read about it here - http://www.nautamatic.com/gladiator/index.htm
Price – (TR1 Auto) – Over $9000.00 for both units and accessories. Comes with a one year warranty.

This is a 1999 Parker Sport Cabin 2520 with a fly bridge. It has two 2004 Suzuki DF250 four stroke motors with less than a hundred hours on it and a two year warranty. Two Garmin 3010C with all time weather a GPS 17 and GSD 20 sounder with one in the cabin and one on the fly bridge all with one year warranty. One TR1 autopilot with one year warranty. The boat also has two 25 watt VHF transceivers, one windlass electric wench and two new bulge pumps all with one year warranty. Owner spent over $52,000 on motors and electronics alone. The only problem is a small hydraulic leak in the steering and the fly bridge needs two new welds on the base. Both fixes are an easy ONE DAY job.

Owner does not have time to use boat so he is letting it go at a huge discount, his loss is your gain. You could purchase boat, fix the two small problems and resale for over $60,000. No other Parker has two powerful Suzuki engines and electronics like this boat – this is a ONE of a kind.

Boat is located at Carolina Beach, NC marina. Please contact Ron Oliver at (910) 368-7408 or Email us at [email protected] for more information. Tell them you saw this advertisement for the price of $40,000

ASKING PRICE - $40,000
Contact: Ron Oliver
Phone: (910)368-7408
Email: [email protected]
Wow, what a boat and deal!

... however, makes me think it was a mod-V hull and that's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much power for a 14-degree hull in any type of seas beyond flat to small surface chop. Regardless, a nice rig and the tower looks sweet! Hate to see it when people need to sell at such a loss :( though.
Holy crap! 500 horsepower?! :shock:

That thing has got to be a DV Dale...
Who would put a pair of 250's on an MV?

Keeeeeerist! I'd love to have one of those motors on my MVSC! :D

Gotta be a story behind the fire sale price... I just wish I were in the market.
Please don't tell my boat I'm lusting here... :roll:
I'm thinking MV. Those are 25" motors and look how high the bracket is in comparison to the waterline. I know the bracket on my 25' Grady is mounted much lower and she's 20 degrees at the transom.

A nice rig nonetheless....
That boat would have to be ass heavy with those two huge 4-strokes, no ?

There must be some "gotcha" on this deal. The way that boat is outfitted, 50K is a fire sale.....40K just does not add up to me. That said, it is a beautiful rig !
The ad says : "fix two small problems and sell this boat for over $60k!"

Sems like the ad is written by a broker, and if it were so easy to fix two small problems and sell this boat for over $60k, I am thinking he would do it. Not trying to bash anyone's boat, especially if they are a lurker or member here.... I bet the boat has some unique issues like listing etc....

Also the last picture in the ad is not the same boat. Weird.
If it sounds too good to be true.........

If it is as described without issues it will be gone in a couple of days......

I can't imagine anyone would do that to an MV....

Nice offshore rig.
Megabyte":2m8fxbhh said:
Holy crap! 500 horsepower?! :shock:

Where's the shoulder harness/lapbelt in the Pilot seat? :D
Are those SCUBA tanks up in the V-berth, or are they Nitrous Oxide? 8)

What in the world would you need 500 HP on a MV Parker for? Hey.. maybe it's a hydrofoil! Get the hull completely up out of the water :shock:

....skipping along on two massive 250HP legs, with the hull raised right out, above the chop completely! NICE!

Now -THATS- the way to beat the undersize tab issue.

Seriously, if I were in the market to re-power right now, I'd buy the rig, take one of the 250s off and put it on my 2520MV, re-rig the remaining engine as a single, and still be able to sell it for a $10k profit without much more work...