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Mar 2, 2006
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Costa Mesa, CA
Fellow Parker Owners,

I've been posting occasionally and neglected to introduce myself and I apologize.

I purchased my 2320DVSC new in March 2002. Toured the plant in May 2002 and took delivery in September 2002. It's been a great ride since.

I chose the 2320 due to it's 8'6" width over the 9'6" width of the 2520 as one of my destinations is Baja and that highway with an extra foot of width would be more adventure than I care to have.

The boat has a small tower with a bimini top, 40 gallon Offshore bait tank, Raymarine RADAR, GPS, plotter, fish finder, two Standard VHF, AM/FM/XM/CD, Garmin GPS, ACX EPRIB, soft back pilot house, the list goes on.

~650 hours to date with only the issues outlined in my E-10/MTBE post. Really a pleasure and I look forward to sharing with my fellow Parker owners.


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Peregrine, nice ride. Of course it’s a Parker so that really goes without saying, but it always sounds good. That first picture says it all. Mexico is about the only thing I don’t like about my 2520. I’ve always wanted that option. It must be awesome just cruising the gulf with no deadlines. Like I said, that picture says it all. For me at least it does. I’ve seen your posts on Allcoast and look forward to you posting a Mexico report one day.

Hope to see you out at Catalina one day also. Good luck
Wow... you -really- know how to hurt a guy! :( :(

Up in the Northeast we're posting pictures of tarping up our Parkers for the long winter's Nap,, and you're over here posting Dream Vacation Travelogue shots.....no fair! :x

That being said... A big belated welcome aboard! You obviously know where all the stuff is here....

Looking forward to more Parker Pinups from your collection.... 8)

I took the liberty of working with your photo and have posted it below. I think it's a candidate for Parker photo of the month, if not the year!

Hope I didn't offend by altering it. :?


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Many thanks for the compliments on the pics. The revision is certainly better than the tilted sea....

The Baja trips are unique in many ways and one of them is one can take pics of their own boat. When local, those opportunities are rare.

I'll post a few more Baja pics on the fishing page on 12-6 (don't have the CD here at home).

Thanks again,

Ride isn't objectionable with one person up there. Running in the trough you get a bit of exagerated roll, but it's not bad.

We did shoot some video from up there while fighting a fish and when the fight neared the end the view is very tight to the boat and you can see the roll on the video-my wife can't watch it as it makes her seasick.....

I'll have to search for or shoot some pics of the tower.

Wow, awsome photo's the first one is also my new screen saver !!

Hope to see you on the water, Frank
Hi Jeff,
My son and I spoke with you one morning at the Newport Dunes ramp as we admired your tower. I have no desire to even attempt towing my 2520 into Mexico, but... I would consider launching out of San Diego and motoring out & back to Marina Coral when / if the albacore show. Haven't done it yet, but would love to buddy boat with some fellow West Coast Parker owners. Maybe we could even call it a rendevous?

Hope to see ya on the water!


It would be no problem to tow to Marina Coral and then you skip the uphill bash back to san Diego. Either way, buddy boat would be great.

A west coast rendevouz would be a hoot as well. Maybe a tourney out of Mission Bay with Sundance as a sponser..........

BTW, we're fishing New Years Day on the artificial reefs and Santa Ana River pipe for Sandies and ???

Merry Christmas.

Marina Coral Trip ?

That is on my short list of things to do, buddy boating down would be great !!

So count me in !!
Let's post on the Rendevouz page and try to put a trip together for Summer. Marina Coral is definetely wife approved and it makes a great weekend.

Any bet's on what tuna we'll be chasing this year?