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Feb 23, 2006
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Tampa, FL
I am getting \"Waiting for GPS Antenna\" message on my Garmin GPSMAP 2006 - ended up waiting all day. I checked the wiring from the antenna the best I could considering my complete lack of electrical/technical knowledge. I really don't see how anything could get screwed up inside the compartment that houses all the wiring (2320). So I was hoping there was a simple way to troubleshoot, at least the basics before I pay for repairs.

Also, I forgot to lower my VHF antenna and now it's about 12\" shorter. Any chance that can be repaired?

I figure I am screwed on both issues, but can't hurt to ask - Thanks for any advise.
I'm not certain about the Garmin GPSMap 2006, but I do know that with my 2010 that the mushroom isn't just the GPS antenna... it is the GPS too.
The GPS is self-contained inside that mushroom. Not certain if there is a way to test it though.

As for the antenna... It'll have to be replaced. There is no reliable way to repair them.
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The 2006 antenna is has a fuse on it's power wire. this may be your problem. The antenna is actually a GPS receiver and antenna combined, thus it is powered. Check the fuse before you replace.
Some GPS units require giving them an initial location. At least mine did at start up. If the boat is moved a long distance from when it was on last, it may have a problem figuring out where it is. When I pulled my boat 400 miles from where I normally fish it would not work until I put in an approximate location where the unit was then. Don't know if this is the problem, but it may be something to try.
Thanks for the replies. I worked with the Garmin tecks over the phone and was able to determine the cause. Ended up replacing the little mushroom antenna and it seems to working fine now.