A pair of pilothouses seen this weekend

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
I wish I had a better shot of this boat, but he was being considerate and stayed away from me while I was fishing...

It is a 2520 Parker Sou'wester in excellent condition that must have just had some motor work done, because its operator kept going out into the Bay, then coming back. He wasn't really going anywhere, just motoring around.

I wish I'd been able to get a closeup of the logo on the side...
Notice how far back the rear steering station is situated.


This next one, I believe, is a C-Hawk. It was sitting at the boatyard getting some motor or outdrive work done (the shop is a Volvo Penta service center).

This one looks like it could have been used as a charter.





I think it needs a couple more transducers. :)
Haha ... the first guy looked like me all last week ... have to put 10 hours on the rebuild before I could set the final timing, stop the double-oiling (boy she smoked like Courtney Love at a metal concert!), and re-torque all the fasteners. I only have 9 on her so far ...

Best $$ I ever spent on a boat, this rebuild, the performance is A W E S O M E ! De-tuned (intentionally retarded ... the timing that is, not me ;) ) to only 5200 RPMs, she'll still push my Pahkah (that's Boston for "Parker") to 40 mph ... imagine the top end when I wind her up to 5700 RPMs after an appointment with a test wheel :D !
Yea, when I saw the boat orbiting in and out of the Bay, I told the Admiral that the guy had probably done some motor work and was just putting time on her. I need to go looking for that boat and get a photo of that logo. :wink:

Glad to hear that your motor is running so strong. 35 kts on a de-tuned motor is pretty darn good!
Wow that C-hawk looks just like the May-craft. You definately tell that Kenneth May's affiliation with both companies.