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Feb 23, 2006
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Cape St Claire, Maryland
My esteemed fellow Parker owners,
I have a 7 year old 2110 WAC and it was (and still is) all the boat I could afford. So I didn't get all the options like a windshield wiper. And now I would like to add a windshield wiper so I can see better in the snot. I've seen the kits at the various stores, but; have no idea how to install one. Especially since it looks like you need to have a hole in the windshield. Anybody have any ideas how I can install a windshield wiper.
You're right about the hole in the windshield frame... Actually, two holes. A relatively large one for the threaded axle shaft and another smaller one to secure the end of the motor. Then you wire up the motor according to instructions and head into the chop. The silly little arms and blades you get with the motor are almost useless. You need to upgrade to automotive-style arms and blades.
Not to be a "dumb question" not a "smart a$$", but have you tried Rain-X? The reason I ask is this. I went on a 6-hour charter on a 30' Crosby Striper, she was a big boat with twin 250hp OBs. Anyways, she could take a sea and that she did.

Before we left the dock, the Captain hit the forward helm windows with Rain-X and wiped them off with a purple colored rag, which he said was just a lint-free cloth. We were in 6-10' seas slugging it out and lots of water hit the windshield ... and it all rolled right off! It was amazing!

My Parker, a '92, doesn't have wipers installed either, so I too do the Rain-X trick, though I don't think I'm as fastidious as that charter Capt. It works for me, but I have NOT tried it in a horrendous downpour while trying to run the boat. So ... this was just a thought.

Note - do NOT use Rain-X on plexiglass.
I hear ya on the Rain-X, actually I like the other stuff in the purple bottle. But sometimes that's just not enough in the Chesapeake Bay snot. Is there a way to drill glass or do I have to take the windshield glass out and get it drilled at a glass shop?? Starting to sound like a lot more trouble then I thought.
Esteemed Parker Brother,
Let's get together and look at the windshield wiper set-up on my boat after spring uncover. I have them both port and starboard and the port side was added after market. I don't believe there is any glass drilling required. Both the factory and aftermarket motors are for Jeeps as well as the wiper arms.
Esteemed fellow parker owner,
It's a deal!!! Weather permitting I'm doing some trailer work this weekend so I can tow south for better fishing
The windshield wipers on my car gave out on a Sunday night when I was about 150 miles from home in a place with nowhere to spend the night. It was raining very hard. I found Rain-X in a nearby store. As long as the car was moving, I could see well enough to get home . At a stop sign, though visibility was bad.

I plan to try it on the boat.
And with any luck at all.....I'll be glowing on Friday !!!! For those of my esteemed fellow Parker owners who have no idea what we are talking about, there is a popular winter/spring fishing spot in the Chesapeake bay at the warm water discharge for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Hence radioactive and glowing references
Esteemed fellow Parker owner,
I have a 21 WAC. Are you saying I just need to drill through the FG and not the windshield??? That would be totally do'able
Great Gray One...never heard of the wiper shaft going through the windshield. All the ones I've seen have either been mounted low and the wiper sweeps up (like most cars), or mounted high and the wiper sweeps down (like a lot of old trucks built in the 40s and 50s).

The wiper on my 2510 is mounted below the windshield, and the shaft comes through a hole in the fiberglass.

In order to catch up to Kevin's picture posting here, I'll be taking a lot of pics of my boat when I de-winterize this weekend. Hopefully I'll have something to upload next week.
Esteemed fellow Parker owners,
I looked at one ot the windshield wiper kits at Boaters World and the instructions weren't very clear on where you mount the darn thing. The photos thay show are top mounts and not bottom mounts like I'll need. Guess I'll need to drill a few exploritory holes to find a good interior mounting spot. :cry: