Admiral causes grief and consternation!!!!

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Was outside Bass Pro Shops the other day and walked passed a couple of CC style boats. I leaned over the gunwhale and made a comment about how clean (clutter free) it was for a fly fisherman.

She commented that she never understood why anyone would buy such a can't get in out of the rain or can't sleep on can't even take a piss in private. plans to downsize someday into a 23 DV CC just got nixed. Never mentioned my new heart-throb to her. :( :( :(

Guess I'll have to figure out how to "clean up" the 2510 to make her a bit more fly line friendly. Will also have to get cracking on the restoration of the 16' wooden boat as my primary fly fishing ride.

Anyone else have their Admirals nix their big boy play toy plans?
Porkchunker":3he5z74p said:
Anyone else have their Admirals nix their big boy play toy plans?

Just the opposite actually.

The Admiral and I were in AllTackle the other day looking at spinning reels. With a birthday coming up, I had asked for a new Shimano Stradic 4000 series reel to replace my trusty, but well worn Fin-Nor.

My plan was to have the Admiral buy the reel, and then I was going to buy a new Shimano Compre rod to go over it. :)

When she found out what I was planning, she ended up buying the rod too.
Thing is, before I left the store, the reel was upgraded to a Sustain and the rod upgraded to a Crucial.

Gee... Now I guess I'll have to order a matching combo for her.
Hmmmmmmm..... Maybe that was her plan after all! :mrgreen:
Porkchunker":7w8k8kc4 said:
Anyone else have their Admirals nix their big boy play toy plans?
Yup, my Admiral said "If you buy another boat and spend more time with her than you do me ... I'm gonna leave you!"

... I'm going to miss that woman ...
Sticking around my harbor this long weekend and doing rafting, fireworks, and whatever else comes along.

Had an offer to tie up with someone visiting the Vineyard this weekend and she declined. Too expensive to cruise all the way by boat and boat too small, too much logistics to trailer to the Cape and then go, blah, blah, blah.

At times she would be happy with just her canoe and kayak in freshwater ponds and streams. She's very content to sit at dock as well and read.

Sometimes I tell her just say the word and I'll sell it, when she starts adding up the yearly dollars. Then she would have to sit at home a lot more though. Doesn't always think in a straight line.