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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
I was going to lay around today and do nothing as I have to work tonight as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas..... Karen says..... you mean we aren't going fishing? That's all it took.

Out of Kiptopeake by 11 am and fisrst fish was 37 inches..... Karen caught it and I promptly threw it back without pictures.... she was on me about that.... she likes fish! I convinced her it was too small.

I got the next one on a spinning rod with 17lb test and had to chase the fish to keep from getting spooled. It was 44 inches.

Karen got the 3rd and last fish which turned out to be 461/2 inches and 41.7lbs. This was her biggest fish ever and her very first citation.

My fish might have made a citation but I didn't weigh it. (I could tell it was slightly smaller so I didn't....)

All in all a good day..... likely the last bay trip this year. Back home by 4pm

Happy Holiday



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