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Mar 29, 2006
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annapolis, md

I am looking for a used Parker, either 23 w/a or 23 sportcabin. I've lived in the Washington, DC area for the past 10 years (college and grad school) and now live in Annapolis. I grew up in So. Fla using center consoles (ie: Mako, etc) and fished a lot. I'd like to learn the Chesapeake.

I'm curious what you think of the 23 w/a versus 23 sportcabin. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, greatly appreciated. I prefer light tackle fishing, ie; chasing bait breaking water, artificials, etc. Not too crazy about trolling heavy stuff. I also plan to make occassional trips to southern Chesapeake.

Thanks for any pointers! :D Brian
Welcome! there are a bunch of Ches Bay Parker owners here.

Here is how I see it:

1. larger cockpit w/ helm further forward slightly better for drift fishing/chunking/chumming
2. Lockable helm area
3. Fully enclosed area for great weather protection
4. less piping to oxidize than with hardtop on wa

1. More open helm area
2. Helm further back for a slightly better ride in slop
3. Not as seperated from the crew in the cockpit when running at helm
4. no step down to helm area

Both are fantastic boats that are designed to be easy to maintain, tough, and very seaworthy. You cannot go wrong with either.
I just purchased a 2320SL Pilot house w F250 I have had 1 other boats that was a W/A now i have no curtains and a huge space in the back. I had the west coast rails installed so you can fish all the way around my boat and feel very good about not going into the water.
Brian -

I also live in Annapolis and run a 23 SE center console. I plan to dewinterize and launch this weekend for the first trip of the year. If you want a ride some time to see how the SE handles the Chesapeake Bay conditions, let me know ([email protected]).

The offer extends to others in the area who are considering the 23 MV vs. the 23 SE.
Same goes for me. If you want a test ride on a Maycraft for comparison, give me a yell. I should be spashing for the season on Sunday :D

(and testing the new Revolution 4 prop)
My major problem with the pilot house is a lack of headroom. Sometimes being tall has its drawbacks. Not sure about the 23, but the 25WA has plenty of headroom & also didn't stick an overhead console at forehead level like a lot of the other WAs.
Hi Bryan,
I have a 23 DVSC and I love it. Plenty of head room. If you are under 6'4". I actively shopped for about 18 months for my boat after I decided on the 23 footer. They are fairly rare. Like others have said you are welcome to come fishing with me to check her out.