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Aug 21, 2006
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Well I may be close to a moment of truth. I have been in love with the Parker 2520 since the first time I saw one. Just thought wow!! a genius made a real fishing boat small enough that someday I could afford to buy it and equally important afford filling it with fuel. Actually think the same about the 2120 and 2320 but would eventually move up I suspect.

Moment of truth??--may have found a good one I can afford.
See link below. ... d=15787381

Even after shipping from NJ to CA and W/O a trailer it is at least $10,000
better than any deals locally. Have never purshased at distance so have a lot of questions. first does this deal look as good to you guys as it does to me? Second, how to get a thorough and honest survey? Last but not least is it a bad idea to get it shipped without a trailer and if so how much does a good trailer for a 2520 cost?

This is very exciting but stressfull as I am very inexperienced with boats. In fact I have never owned one. Have fished many and driven quite a few but this is way different. I am not in a reckless hurry so if this doesn't work out waiting is just fine. Realisticly though I am unlikely to find this kind of price close to home.

Thanks in advance for your opinions of this particular Parker and subsequent words of wisdom.

Mike B
First, for an 8 or nine year old boat with old electronics and no trailer, $35k firm isn't necessarily a bad price. Keep in mind though that a trailer might add $4,000, and I am guessing another $8,000 for shipping.

I was willing to sell my boat for, say $52,000, sans trailer a few months back. So figure $56k with trailer, for a 2005 with a 250 4stroke. (It is not for sale anymore). When I look at it objectively, I would rather pay $56k for a 2005 than $47k for a '99 with a jillion hours. Just my .02

But then again the one you pointed to is a deep v..... and if it is in great condition, aw heck I don't know..... A survery will be key, as was stated right above me. I used a surveyor in New Jersey, and he really knew his stuff (Bob Dunkleberger: I think his email was [email protected]). Here are some others form The Salty Dog:

Advance Marine Consulting
183 Hudson Ave.
Red Bank, NJ 07701-2139

[email protected]
All States Marine Surveyors

Atlantic Seaboard Marine Surveyors, Inc.
2839 Cox Neck Road
Chester, MD 21619
410-604-0432 Fax: 410-604-0433
[email protected]
Vessel survey/engines gas & dieselt

Bayside Marine Surveying, Inc.
Alan C. Gaidelis, AMS
Toll Free: 877-915-5399 - Fax: 301-865-9292
[email protected]

Beacon Light Marina
825 Bowley's Quarters Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21220
410-335-6489 Fax: 410-335-2642
[email protected]

Bugher Marine Services
7 Harrison Lane
Princeton Jct., NJ 08550
609-275-2600 Fax: 609-275-7213
[email protected]

Capt. Rob Cozen
P.O.Box 220
Somers Pt, NJ 08244
609-487-9804 Fax: 609-926-47040
[email protected]

Channel and West Yachts Sales
33 West St.
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750
732-870-0100 Fax: 732-870-0899
[email protected]

David A.Deem
P.O. Box 658
Phoenixville, PA 19460
610-983-0644 Fax: 610-983-0645
[email protected]

Downham Marine Services, Inc.
300 Monmouth Ave
Marmara, NJ 08223
609-390-2036 Fax: 609-653-1198
[email protected]

Helmsman Boating Services
462 Nautilus Drive
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
[email protected]

Marine Products & Services, Inc.
1001 Round Bay Rd.
Crownsville, MD 21032
[email protected]

Mid Atlantic Marine Consulting (Bill Gross)
39 Waterford/Blue Anchor Rd.
Blue Anchor, NJ 08037
609-561-5254 Fax: 609-561-3266
[email protected]

Mike Whitehead
PO Box 1127
Stevensville, MD 21666
410-604-1956 Fax: 410-604-1590
[email protected]

Accredited Marine Surveyor, Yacht & Engine Surveys (MD,VA,DE,NJ)
Pelican Marine Services
8 Macaltioner Ave.
Woodstown, NJ 08098
800-595-3137 Fax: 609-769-3815
Professional Marine Services, Inc.
74 E. 24th St.

Bayonne, NJ 07002
Sea-Tech Marine/Kenneth J. Bruno
477 Pheasant Ln.
Fairless Hills, Pa 19030
1-800-367-8388 Fax: 215-788-6620

Spencer Marine Surveys
104 Longman St.
Toms River, NJ 08753
800-255-2261/732-255-4700 Fax:732-255-4720

Susquehanna Marine Surveys
1404 Monfront Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
[email protected]

Teal Yacht Services
510 Monmouth Ave
Brick, NJ 08724

Tri-State Marine Services, Inc.
1001 Fell Street.
Baltimore, MD 21231
410-963-0063 Fax: 410-558-3292
[email protected]
I don't think I'd have a problem with buying this boat long distance. Get a well recommended surveyor and have him sea trial it for you.
Also, 600+ hours on a seven year old boat is pretty light usage it seems to me. Less than 100 hours per year.
I'd suggest looking into getting it loaded on a flat bed trailer for truck shipping rather than buy a trailer to ship it on. Get your trailer from your local dealer.
I would have to agree on the motor hours. Those hours on a well maintained OX66 are not bad, and pretty normal for the area. I would rather have those hours rather than a 200 hour motor that had not been run or maintained.

I am curious about the stated fuel capacity on the ad though. It says the boat has a 200 gallon capacity.
Look at this photo of the cockpit. ... 5332016000

I see one main tank, and one portside tank. My 1996 2520 has three tanks. A 127 gal main, and a pair of 47 gal wing tanks. That equals 221 gallons. In that photo, I see deck plates for one main tank and one portside tank. That would be 174 gallons.

Probably a minor point, but an owner should know how much fuel he carries.

Good looking boat. If she passes survey, she should be good for that price. Trailer should run about anouther $4500 to $5000 for a quality, well outfitted trailer, should you decide to tow her.

Nice boat! Good luck! :D
I have an '02 2520DVSC. I've had the boat for 3 & 1/2 years and I have just over 800 hours on it. It runs like a new one and I'm hoping to get at least 3 or 4 more years out of it. We'll see. My boat has the 173 gallon tank and it has the same two deck plates that are shown in the picture that Kevin is referencing. The access plate to the port side is for the gas fill and tank vent hookups. The one on the centerline is for the sending unit and the pick up tube. I know that Parker used to offer a 200 gallon tank as an option for the DV. That boat probably has the single 200 gallon tank option.
I have a '96 2530. Price seems in line, maybe on the high side.

I paid under $4K in '98 for a trailer. Others are correct on new cost.

Has a good shine to it still.

Radar adds to the cost.

As it is a NJ boat, someone may know more about it.

Well your advice and suggestions have been invaluable. After reading all of them many times I realized that my inexperience makes it imperitive that I feel 150% comfortable with the boat survey and get to sea trial the boat on a not so nice day. That will not be possible at distance.

Not having the decades of boating knowledge that many of you have I will restrict my search to driving distance only or about 500 miles. Also in retrospect the "great deals" I have seen on the east coast have mainly been boats that would require more or new electronics and rigging to optimize for local socal fishing. Taking that and piece of mind into account the rare available Parkers here don't look so bad. Just wish more were available out here or that I could afford a new one. Well in the meantime I will continue to learn from this forum and fish from friends boats. Will definately be asking more questions too.

Thanks again.

Mike B
Probably a sound decision on your part. I'd feel comfortable with a survey to make a decision on that boat. If you are not comfortable with a decision like that then you probably should look locally. In any case, I'd suggest getting a professional survey on any boat in this size you are seriously considering and have the surveyor on the sea trial with you.