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Which koozie...?
The regular size...?


Or the super-size...?

Everytime I see another Parker owner on a different site, I b-mail them with the link to CP. I try not to make the pitch overt on the board, because some board admins don't want you stealing their user base.
Good idea Dave.
On the 'other boards', I have the ClassicParker logo and the URL in my signature.
It's 'covert' advertising. 8)

Dale had a good idea which I 'borrowed' to use locally...

I have 6 of the ClassicParker koozies on my boat in ziplock bags.
Inside of each is a note giving the message, "This is a gift from one Parker owner to another", and including the ClassicParker web URL.

If you happen to see a Parker during your travels, toss a koozie into the cockpit along with a wave and a smile! :wink:
I haven't had an opportunity to do it yet... but I'm ready! :D
Megabyte":3hadpm2z said:
If you happen to see a Parker during your travels, toss a koozie into the cockpit ...
I journeyed to my local marina and handed out 9 the other day ... though not one person was on their Parker at the time ... and it was a nice day out :?: !

We'll see if anyone chimes in here and joins. FYI - this was at the marina where Chop-Chop currently is and where Principle Reeler soon will be ...
We hit 400 :) !

park28 joined us today and has the honor and distinction of being the 400th esteemed Parkerite to join us. Welcome!

Now ... we need photos of that Parker 28, don't we boys!
DaleH":o6lzz68f said:
We hit 400 :) !

In about Six MONTHS!

Did we ever figure out how many Parkers might be out there?

They have been in serious production for about what, 30 years? How many per year? A few hundred? Or more?

Are there 5000 Parkers out there or many, many more? :shock:

I'll bet most of them are still "on the road".

We may actually be able to help Parker get a handle on just how many are still in active service. 8)
Dale, I wondered where that ClassicParker koozie came from :eek:

I was at the marina Sunday afternoon about 4:00 to start some work on my W/A and saw your gift :D

Put it to good use that afternoon too :wink:

Looking forward to meeting you and Chop-Chop 8)
Just when I thought I was still the only WA on the Parker the Principle Reeler shows-up... :wink: Welcome Mac. Hope to catch up with you too at RFM.

I need to find a palatable canned beverage for use with my Classic Koozie on my Parker. I prefer an IPA style brew but I'm unaware of any except in bottles...?


I enjoy Guinness :D . The stuff in the can isn't the Golden Nectar from a tap (as long as the lines are cleaned often), but it's not bad ! Even comes straight from Ireland :wink:

They call it something like "Floating Draught" because they have some type of thing-a-ma-jig floating around in the can that's supposed to give it a reasonable head when its poured. Most canned brews :roll:....ugh, but again, this can aint bad at all :!: If you like dark beers too, this might be the can for you. Hey that rhymes !!!

Like the commercial used to say: "If its a Guinness, it's got to be good !".....or was that line for Kelloggs cereals, or Philco TVs, or GE fridges :? :shock: