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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Folks, After reading Johns post, and seeing Dave in Boaters World this morning where he mentioned a get-together... :) I would like to put together a ClassicParker Rendezvous this summer too.

My thought is to plan for sometime in August, and to hold it in the Annapolis area.
Sandy Point State Park would be close, and available for anyone trailering as they have the states best ramp facilities.

This would be a low-key... raft-up, BBQ, hang out with friends and a few barley-pops sort of gathering. :)

Any interest?
I'm in :D ... ahhhh ... who has room on their boat for me :?: ?
Depending upon when it is (baby #3 on the way) and if non parker owners are invited, I am always up for a raft up and sharing a sody-pop :lol:
If you do it after the first week of August I'm in! I've never done a raft up before! We'll trailer there from home -- three hour trip? Can we stay overnight there on the hook?

There is so much value in seeing other people's boat strategies, this would be really cool! Now, to convince the Admiral.

B-Faithful, I would like to see your Maycraft, I hope you can make it.
B-Faithful":2wr94knc said:
... and if non-parker owners are invited, I am always up for a raft up

By all means join us! While yes, I had envisioned these boards to have a Parker-centric focus, we invite the discussion and comraderie with other pilot house boat owners. In fact, to that end, you are Numero Uno!
I feel so loved :cry: ...

Thanks for the open arms!

Now I have to hope Kevin lines up a date that I can make...
It's a little early yet... Heck, my boat is still on land!
But... I'm hoping for sometime in August right now. :wink:
Durn...and I just moved out of Annapolis and down to Solomons. If you hold it within 30 days of Jul 4, I'll get a 30 day towing permit and haul "Tina's Diamond" north. Will attend the Naval Academy fireworks and go to the rendevous.
I will have my boat in Sea Isle City NJ Aug 19-27...

I hope to be out for the fireworks as well but baby number 3 is due July 6th..
Early to mid August is my target date, but I still have to coordinate my 'other activities'.
BTW Graymug... A fish fry would be cool! :)
I'm looking at a ClassicParker raft-up in the Annapolis area on August 12th.
How does that sound?
WooHoo! Good for us! Hopefully my wife won't have any classes then. How about posting gps coordinates for the location (on the water) sometime? I have no knowledge of that area, but I can find it if I know where to go.
Tim, The tenative area for the raft-up is Whitehall Bay which is just north of Greenbury Point, at the mouth of the Severn River. The area is protected from all but a south wind. If we have a southerly, we can find a protected area further up into Ridout Creek. That area is very well protected.

If you are trailering to the area, Sandy Point State Park has 22 of the best ramps in the State of MD, and is maybe 15 to 20 minutes north of Whitehall Bay.

If you are coming by water from the south, look for Thomas Point Light and your chart will easily bring you to Whitehall.
Thomas Point Light to Red 2 at the mouth of the Severn, then to Red 2W at the mouth of Whitehall Bay...

The area is pretty easy to find. :wink:
See below for where Whitehall bay is north of annapolis. It is very close to Sandy Point State Park. I am in as long as the I can get permission to go considering we will have a 4-6 week old child.


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My wife and I are planning to attend. This will be a first for us and sounds like fun. We are looking forward to meeting folks from the board.
Just got back from 3 days on the water over the Memorial Day weekend. The Admiral said it sounds like fun! The date falls perfectly for me and work. I'll be there regardless. Guess that means I need to plan on cleaning the boat the day before, Huh? :lol:

Can you leave the trucks/trailers overnight at the landing? Some state parks here in Va. have rules about that kind of thing. Once anchored I'm staying the night.