Anodes & anti-fouling paint on the armstrong bracket ?

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Feb 26, 2006
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Ok, getting ready to paint the bottom and replace the anodes tomm. My boat came new with a "zinc" on the armstrong bracket (05 Parker 2520). What type on anode should I use ? The one there now (factory installed) looks like a zinc ? I dont think that zinc provides protection to aluminum ? Also should I seal the anode so water dosen't enter the bracket ? Won't that make it non-effictive ? One more question, I bought outdrive anti-fouling paint for the part of the bracket that is in the water (in a can, by interlux), Is that the best paint to use ? Thanks all !!
First of all, nice boat! I'm no expert, but as far as I know zincs will help protect aluminum, stainless, outdrives, ect. from corrosion. They put them on your outboard, right? Make sure you don't paint your zinc and use an anti-foul paint compatable with aluminum. I'll have to look to see what I used last year, the name escapes me now. One other suggestion for you. If you have trim tabs, put zinc on them too. My first year with my XL I didn't have zincs on the tabs and they were getting eaten up. This year the tabs were good but the zincs were destroyed. I may have a electrolosis(sp) problem in my slip due to a derilic boat next to me, but still a good idea to put them on.
In response to my question to the hull truth as to why the zinks on my trim tabs were being eaten away Tom McGow of Bennett Trim Tabs responed with this.
(While we were recently testing a set of the type of Trim Tabs on your boat (we constantly test competitive brands). We found that a brand new and perfectly functioning actuator was leaking voltage out the stainless shaft. )

He recomended puting a meter on the actuator while the power was shut down.

I hope this helps in making your decision.
stonebuster":39d1gu4x said:
Make sure you don't paint your zinc and use an anti-foul paint compatable with aluminum.
Don't paint the area underneath where the zinc will go either.
Cheerios, Thanks for the post to check for leakage with meter. That might be the problem.