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Feb 23, 2006
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Raleigh NC
Since I am not the only non-Parker person here, and the THIRD Osprey owner to join, I'll throw in a pic of Overcurrent II. It is a 2002 24 Fisherman with a 270hp Volvo Duo Prop I/O

Had Parker still made the 2330XC when I was looking in the fall of 2001, that would have been what you see here (and I have told that to Robin on more than one occasion at the Raleigh boat show). I know the 2520XL very well inside and out; I have spent many hours helping a friend add goodies to his.....hopefully "Valrose" will show up on this board eventually.

Unlike most Parkers and Ospreys, this boat is not fished at all. It is used strictly for cruising and for USCG Auxiliary patrols and member training.

This boat does have a tiny bit of Parker in it...the JRC 1800 radar was originally installed on my buddy's 2520XL (until he discovered the Raymarine C80 system)....and the radar mount design was copied from - (and used a critical leftover aluminum plug from) Dale H's design on Lady Catherine


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Beautiful rig Overcurrent!
I'm going to enjoy seeing more of that, and the other Osprey PH's here.

Welcome aboard! :wink:
Hello Overcurrent.
Nice to see you here.I think this site is going to be great.
I am really enjoying all the photos .
What other Osprey owner is here?
Nice seeing a photo of your boat in the water.
Overcurrent, Glad you Osprey guys joined the mix. I seriously considered the Ospreys before getting the Parker especially with 22 degrees deadrise at the transom. The only thing that steered me away was my fear of the unknown, being the I/O. Never owned one and heard all the I/O controversy, pros and cons. I have freinds that have gone out in the Ospreys and stated the ride in short chop was very good and also heard from some others they tend to rock at drift and anchor. Not trying to start another deep vee vs. lesser deadrise, I/O vs. OB thread. But what's your overall satifaction rating as far as ride, stability, and reliability and maintainence. I'm very happy with my pilothouse Parker, but always eager to hear from similar pilothouse boat owners. Thanks in advance. 8)
Yikes! I didn't intend to hijack the Parker site :shock:

Seriously, thanks for all of the compliments! Megabyte, my reply this morning would have included you had I seen your post (same time posting).

Stonebuster, to answer your questions, overall I have been very happy with the O24. I did have a problem in early '05 with a premature gimbal bearing failure (out of warranty, but VP provided parts). Otherwise no problems. The VP drive is far better than the Merc Alpha One drive on my previous boat , and the Duo Prop setup is great except for the cost of replacement props (list $700/set). With the exception of the annual drive removal to lube the U-joints I do all of my own maintenance.

Believe it or not, the cabin heater (uses engine cooling water like a car) has come in handy on more than one occasion.....can't do this with an outboard.

The Osprey interior finish is slightly more wife-friendly, but the Parker interior finish quality is superior. Overall hull integrity is comparable for both boats.

The O24 does roll more at rest than a 2520XL...but that is to be expected with the narrow beam and the greater deadrise. Overall the ride is fine. The O24 has less "Carolina flare" so it tends to be a bit wetter in short chop.
Both great boats IMO. I do alot of drift fishing and anchor alot at times and love the stability of the 10ft. beam and all the room. She's like a rock out there in anything you'd want to fish in. It's all about what suits you best. Usually to gain in one area you have to give up something in another. All around she's a great boat for us. :)