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Mar 2, 2006
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Jamul CA
After owning this boat for over a year now I am looking for a new prop.

The boat is a 2120 cabin model. It has a f200 yamaha on it.

The prop on it is a 17 pitch 15" dia. I turn 5400 rpms at 36mph.

When I first got the boat it porpoised really bad. I can't belive my dealer would let the boat off the lot with the way in handeled. My dealer said it was the prop. He was not willing to change props.

After installing a dolefin I got that problem resolved. They should be standard equip IMHO. I think the f200 is a little heavy for the boat.

Does anyone have the same boat with the f200? IF so what prop are you useing. What are your performance numbers?

BTW I love the boat it just needs some fine tuning.


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We get 38mph w/ a 150HPDI. You must have an amazing hole shot!

We'll porpoise too, above 30mph, unless we trim her way down.
I ran 36 mph today with the 15-?/4 X 15 Black Steel on an F150, 3/4 tank of fuel, just me (260 lbs), and 150 lbs of ice and fish, calm water, very little tabs. I also have a 13-3/4 X 17 but it doesn't control the boat as well in the cruise range. Find a prop on eBay and buy it to test with and as a spare.

The 2120 will porpoise with the motor trimmed up considerably at high speeds. I have noticed this and always adjust the trim to eliminate it. I don't find myself in too many situations on the Chesapeake when I can run at high speeds so I don't mind this tendency. Last night we had a typical run across the bay from the bay mouth up to the York River (17-20 miles) at as high a speed as we could stand (25-28 mph). We were trying to outrun the onset of predicted fog and I noticed a bit of porpoise at the outset. Within a couple minutes we were in more heavy bay chop so I drilled the bow down with tabs and motor and added enough power to the motor to drive through the waves instead of banging across. This works well until the choppy waves reach 2-1/2 to 3 feet, and then you must slow down.

I thought long and hard about the F200 and bought the F150 for fuel economy and lighter weight -- sales price was not the issue. I was concerned about the extra weight influencing how much water would inevitably come through the notch/scuppers. My last boat was almost a submarine in this respect. The 2120 has been a delight for us in terms of dryness, but there have been others that do not share this opinion. I once vowed I would never own another boat with a notched transom but I have not regretted this choice ..... yet! However there have been occasions when I could have used a larger notch. Like when I wanted to boat 40lb+ stripers! :shock: Boy, do your arms get tired hauling those guys over the side!

Would I like to have an F200? Sure, but I'm not sure I would see any real benefit other than getting from point A to point B a few minutes faster or pulling a skier better. If you run in fresh water you will need the F200, by the way. Drastic difference from salt.

I have seen a couple of 2120's with the F200's and their owners had mostly good things to say. I have run beside one once and they definitely can run faster (and catch a lot more air)! I would love to be able to pilot one for a few minutes to check it out. Maybe a future raft-up? :D

It is a shame that your dealer is such a turd about changing props. If yours is like new they should make a switch. Mine switched with me after a whole year had gone by, but I did trade a polished SS for a black steel, so they got the better end of the deal. I still bet they would trade again though (if the paint hadn't worn off so quickly). Good luck with your efforts. Check the Black steel series out first before you spend a lot on polished props. I see them sell on eBay for less than $100 Like New all the time. Bought my 17 pitch for $75 NIB. :wink:
Mine is the 2120SC with carb 150 Yamaha 2 stroke. Prop is 14-1/4 X 16 stainless steel. This past weekend, most cruising was at about 4400 RPM with speed ranging 32 - 34 mph on the GPS. Not sure about WOT as I don't push it and conditions usually don't allow it, but a couple years ago when I picked the boat up from the dealer and we went for a test ride, he opened it up to check the prop match and max RPM came in at about 5600 RPM, just about 40 mph and varied a bit up and down as we played with the engine trim and tabs. Pretty much what's in the Yamaha performace bulletin for a 150 on this hull using this prop. You might want to check the Yamaha website to see what, if anything, they might have on your engine combination and the prop they selected. Acceleration seems OK and when I hit the trottle for needed power when running the inlet it seems to respond fine to me, but then I've nothing else comparable to judge against.

John S.