Any body in Pt Pleasant NJ area that can look at an 18'?

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Nov 30, 2006
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Seacoast, NH
I just put a deposit on an 18.
I live in MA and can't get down to NJ to look at it.
All I have are the pics.
If anybody is in the area and do a quick look it would be much appreciated.

I may be able to get there early next week; the caveat being that there are more experienced boaters than me whose opinion might be worth more than mine. I do have a decent camera though and am not afraid to give my opinion.

Point Pleasant is 75 minutes from my home, but 5 minutes from my beach home.
Any input would be great
It's located at Schrader Yachts in NJ.
1723 Bay Ave.
I live in boston and this will save me a long drive down.
I'd rather have your straight opinion, want to know what I'm getting.
Let me know if you can.

Email me your cell phone; if work is slow I am always looking for an excuse to get out and do a few errands. I'll snap some pics and tinker on my own boat as well; I am thinking maybe Tuesday.. salfromchatham at gmail dot com
For what its worth, Parker recommends a Yamaha F115 or F150 4 stroke on this hull. Factor in the cost of a repower in your decision.

Edsmarinesuperstore advertises a new F150 for $9499. Add $1,000 for new controls and guages. Add about $1500 for rigging properly with tax. My guess is $12k to repower, but once you do you have a rig you would probably never sell. Figure $2300 less for the Yamaha F115.

Both are great engines. If you fish two to the boat, or you and two small kids, with gear, I bet the F115 would be fine. If you fish three 200 lbs guys, and pull watertoys, get the F150.

That rig new with an F150 is about $35k I'd bet.