Any data on a 2120 DV

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Feb 24, 2006
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Barnegat Bay
While i have to sell my 2520 XL, I have found a 2120 deep vee that I may be able to purchase after the sale of my boat, and still have the bucks to fix my house. I have no information on the ride or pros and cons with this model. Can anyone tell me their likes / dislikes with this boat. BTW it has a 4 stroke 150.
Maybe back in business Mike...
See my site. It's got pages of stuff. The 2120 is a great boat... but it ain't a 2520. It is a small craft with lots of seaworthiness. It is easy to trailer, launch and retrieve. The F150 is a great motor, but performance minded boaters will be happier with an F200. Me, I'm happy with the F150. I like the 0.6 GPH troll and the 6-7 GPH cruise. Makes 28 MPH at cruise and 34 MPH at WOT. Bmail me for more specific questions.