Anybody else have a teak door?

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Feb 25, 2006
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Rowayton, CT
Here's a question for any of you owners of an older SC. The one I just bought is a '91. It's got quite a bit of teak, which I like to work with. I've run in to a little snag though, with the door. The lower panel was manufactured out of teak veneer/ply. It was badly cared for, and as a result the veneer panel has very little teak veneer left. Sanding would only grind more off. In fact, the ply base is showing through in numerous spots.

Has anyone with a teak door replaced this panel? It's tricky because the panel was actually a teak veneer sandwich, so that teak was exposed on the cabin interior as well as the exterior.

It's easy to find one-sided teak veneer panels, but proving very hard to find a piece that would match the inside/outside teak look of the original.

Could you take a single-sided veneer/ply panel and laminate two pieces back-to-back to do what you want?
Megabyte":3bm11bzi said:
... take a single-sided veneer/ply panel and laminate two pieces back-to-back ...
I'll be doing that very same thing next season ... as I'll manage to get through this season OK. If I find some other method, which may be too late for you, I'll let you know. Regardless, I'll post pictures here of the process and project, for sake of the archives.
Problem solved...hopefully.

Worldpanel down in Riviera Beach FL has double sided teak laminate panels. I'm just going to measure again to make sure they only have to cut once :p

Then again, maybe mahogany would be a nice contrast...

I'll post again tomorrow once I've confirmed. Dale, who knows, maybe you can add another project on to your spring list!
Even better solution: Woodworkers Supply in Latrobe PA sells a great selection of 10mil rolled veneers in a 2X3 size. They can be cut with a utility knife and epoxied in place with West System, then coated as normal with varnish or whatever your sealer of choice might be.
Thanks Daniel. I ended up buying a roll of Honduran mahogany veneer which I plan on laying down right over the old ply. I've cut it to fit the opening, so I won't have to remove the trim pieces. I tthink the contrast will look pretty nice once it's all varnished.

I wet-sanded all the interior teak with Interlux tung oil, and it came out beautifully. Would certainly recommend doing the same at some point, because for the investment of a little elbow grease it's well worth it.

I'll post some pics of the door when I'm all finished.