Are non-Parker owners allowed here???

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Feb 27, 2006
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St. Leonard, MD
What do you say fellas? Can other Carolina-builts join in? :D


This looks to be a very promising site. I see a lot of familiar names and I look forward to sharing projects, pictures and BS-fish stories. :D

Tight lines!
gw204":vtweoabx said:
What do you say fellas? Can other Carolina-builts join in?
Sure, however ... we would like to keep the topics for discussion specific to Parker boats or boats with pilot houses, as you'll see MayCraft and Osprey owners here too.

FYI - ... in case you didn't know, there is an owner's site with forums setup for Grady White boats - see

Welcome aboard!
gw204 has 'slayed the fishes' on my boat many times in the past, as well as cutting large holes in the helm to mount my Garmin 2010c, so I think that makes him an honorary Parker alumni. :) Fiberglass dust and fish guts everywhere!

I have photos of him doing both..... :D
GW204 - welcome. I look forward to your joining us. I have followed many of your projects on your 204 and have learned a great deal.

Brian is definately parker friendly... I think he was strongly considering a 2510 at one time.

Megabyte, He catches fish on May-crafts too (too bad he couldnt stay awake for the photo) :wink:


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :)

Dale, I'm not here to try and push Grady this and/or Grady that. I just like talking about and seeing picture of high quality rigs. The last time I checked, Parkers fell into that category. Hey, where's the thumb-up icon? :)

Kev, I've cut more holes in your boat than I've caught fish.... :D

Greg is right, I though hard about a 2510DV. But in the end, the fancier Grady won the wife over and my likes/dislikes didn't matter anymore. :D But don't get me wrong, I like my boat very much. :D

Next time don't make me do all the work in the cockpit and I'll be able to stay awake for the pictures. You act like it's hard to drive when trolling baits 50' from the CBBT in a VERY FAST current on a rough day and then scoot away when the fish hits but before it makes a run for the rocks.... :D :) :D :)