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Feb 28, 2006
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Friendswood, TX
I’m looking into getting an autopilot for my parker. I have a 2520 with twin F-150s so I thought I would ask for insight from this board to see what everyone is using, or recommends. I don’t need anything fancy I just need it to hold a straight course at cruising speed. These long 2-4hr runs into the gulf suck when you have to hold onto the steering wheel. Right now I’m leaning towards the Simrad AP-14H. Thanks for any info.

I had a Robertson-Simrad hydraulic unit a few years ago on another boat with twin Volvo outdrives and had lots of trouble with the rudder position sensors going out. The unit would not work when they failed. They always replaced under warranty but it was a hassle when it failed. Don't know if they have solved the problem or not.
I have an Apelco mechanical unit on my 23 SE and once I figured out the compass doesn't like to be mounted backwards (although the manual says you can mount either way) it's working just fine now and I've had no problem with it.