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Walmart, ACE, or your nearest convenience or grocery store ... AWESOME stuff :) !
Hull: I'd say it's a mild abrasive, but I mix it with water and use it on a sponsge, so the cleaning action is more from the product (believe it is some acid base). Flush well with clean water.

Wax: Removes it well :) !
Barkeepers Friend has oxalic acid in it so it will work to remove rust stains. It is also an abrasive as Dale said. As such, I prefer not to use it on fiberglass unless I'm very careful not to "work it in".

The original "glass-top ceramic" electric ranges put out 30 years ago recommended BKF. It was and is great for getting burned crud off the smooth ceramic surface.

Trust me, the way I cook as a bachelor, BKF has come in REAL handy :lol: . I still have the original stove thanks to it. Now the oven is another matter altogether :roll: r !!

I've used it on fiberglass too.....just be sure to dilute it with water to a VERY loose and liquidy paste...almost a somewhat soupy...until you get the consistency that you need fot the task at hand. IT WILL WORK WONDERS.

BUT REMEMBER, it has acid and is an abrasive.

Good luck,

BKF is good stuff. I have also had excellent results with Oxy Clean for general boat cleaning. I buy the tub size from wallmart and throw a scoop or two in with my boat soap. Oxy Clean is non-abrasive.