Barnegat Bay Early Summer Raft Up (Place and Date)

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
From another forum.... trying to put together a Little raft up in Barnegat Bay. Would be nice to have a few Parkers there!

Taking off from work the week Saturday June 24 through Tuesday July 4th.

Maybe we can narrow it down to Saturday 6/24, Sunday 6/25, Saturday 7/1, Sunday 7/2?

Also can we choose between Tices and Silver Bay?


I prefer Silver Bay 6/24, 7/1, or 7/2, but can do Tices on those three dates as well.

(As an aside, pleasure meeting you Joel this weekend, and your friend and dad as well). 8) 8) 8) [/b]
Wow. Seeing all those great pics of the Annapolis Raft-up has inspired me to post pics of the even larger Barnegat Bay Tices Shoal Parker Raft up!

It included my Parker, and a Grady :shock: !

Not to worry, The "guy who owns the Grady" 's brother has a 2520SL just like mine, and we all rafted up the following week. His has the West Coast bow rail (much taller), and that is a great option. Too bad I don't have a picture of the following week.

Anyways.... without further adieu I give you the Barnegat Bay Tices Shoal Official Parker Rendezvous And Raft-Up Pictures (errr I mean Picture):



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That photo looks like me and GW204 in Whitehall Creek this summer. :D
A 2520 MVSC and a Grady 25 Sailfish. :wink:
ParkerSal-those dates if they are still good,might be doable but,Tices is getting more crazy every year maybe silver bay or even up the Toms River would be better,lets keep in touch later in the spring and try to get some PARKER turn-out! Capt.Guy. 8)
Silver Bay would be perfect for me. Capt Guy...Please start a new thread looking for a 1st week of July raft up!