Bed Liner on a Boat?

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Mar 2, 2006
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Deale, MD
Anybody ever heard of doing this or has seen it done. I fish in a lot of rough conditions with chairs and coolers sliding all over the deck. Had a thought of having (Line-X) or equal sprayed on the floor of my fishing area of my 2520 sport cabin. Seems that this would stop the sliding of stuff plus provide a "cushion" for dropped sinkers, lures, etc. I don't think this would add much weight and should withstand a powerwash every now and then. Of course I would not choose black for the color but I think they now can match the colors of most truck manufacturers. I would choose a cream color or something near the existing floor color.

Let's hear your thoughts on this project.
I’ve heard of this but never seen it on a boat. I too am planning on trying some but not for the cockpit area, I want to have it sprayed on the bow and bow pulpit. This I think will help keep my anchor and rode in better control on short moves. I also think it will deaden the sound of my chain and keep my anchor from chipping the gelcoat.

If you do go with this I understand any color mix will fade. I guess something in the plastic is prone to fading and there is not much they can do about it. My boat is under a cover but any boat that is left in the water without a cover will fade. My understanding is it slowly starts turning back to a green color that is the base of the plastic.

Also think it would provide a little cushioning for the legs if you put it on the deck. I would check into it a little more if I were you. Maybe the Line-X people could refer you to someone that has had it done.

By the way a rubber mat on the deck will keep the ice chest in one place.

Good luck, keep us posted.
I have a friend and fishing/hunting buddy who is restoring a 1973 19' Boston Whaler. He has done some research and decided to have the interior and decks (soles) done with something like Rino Liner. For marine use, they thin it a bit because it can add a lot of weight if put on too thick.